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Pool Safety & Swimming for Beginners

If you are a beginner in learning how to swim, it can be a scary new thing to experience. You will need to take lessons in order to progress as a swimmer, but you can start to learn by trying a few things on your own. Remember to always swim…
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How To Lose Weight In The Pool

Swimming pools are great for relaxing with friends in the summer, but it can also provide a great fat-burning workout! Every time you kick, pull, or push water, you are doing a resistance workout. Follow these moves Simple swimming - Swimming laps in the pool is great for burning fat…
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5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Pool

Buying a pool is a big step and to help you make your decision, we decided to come up with a list of five reasons why you should own a swimming pool:  Privacy You’ve probably gone to a public pool before and wish you hadn’t. The crowd of people, as…
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Why You Should Open Your Pool Sooner Than Later

The warmer weather is starting to get more consistent, but it’s only April so you don’t know if you should open your pool, or wait a little longer. Rising Sun Pools recommends you open it sooner than later. When the daily temperature is hitting 70 degrees or higher, it is…
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Top 3 Pool Thermometers

Everyone wants their pool to be the perfect temperature. Not too cold that it’s uninviting, but not too hot where it’s not refreshing in the summer heat. Having a great thermometer can tell you the temperature of the water at all times, which can be more useful than you think.…
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Surprising Pool Maintenance Tricks

As long as pool owners complete the regular projects required of maintenance such as chemical care and cleaning, it’s easy to keep a pool in clear condition all summer long. There are some tricks you can utilize to save time, effort, and money to have an even cleaner pool. Toss…
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Memorial Day Pool Party Ideas

Memorial Day Weekend is the kickstart to everyone’s summer, so make sure your party is one to remember. You opened your pool for the summer, so make sure it is looking its best for the party. The pool is the centerpiece to your backyard, so you want it to look…
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Open/Closing for the Season

So You’ve got a Pool You’ve turned your backyard into a vacation experience. Your beautiful pool or spa is the envy of the neighborhood. In the summer, your house is the hot spot for bbq’s, get-togethers, and wonderful memories. However, being the go-to location for good times comes with a…
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Do I Need to Replace My Pool Vinyl Liner?

Every pool is different, and so are the vinyl liners. The longevity of your liner depends on whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool and the thickness of your original liner. It is important to know what to look out for, and know when it is time to replace…