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Jason Grover’s Quantum Pool from Rising Sun Pools

Our Top 3 Favorite Above-Ground Pool Projects in 2023

After holding our Above-Ground Top 3 contest, the Rising Sun Pools team has selected the very best of the best above-ground pool projects of 2023.   After lots of internal discussion, here’s what we decided…   1. Tommy Vestal’s Pandora…
Rising Sun Pools hot tub

Rising Sun Pools: The Top Spa Outlet in Raleigh, NC

Looking for fun ways to make your home feel more relaxing?   You can never go wrong installing a hot tub in your backyard. Take a refreshing dip in this personal hideaway during summer or warm yourself up in the…
Steam Rising from Heated Swimming Pool with Concrete Deck

5 Benefits of Swimming in Heated Pools

Owning a swimming pool already comes with plenty of perks —you can enjoy using your pool in Raleigh during the summer and early fall months, when the weather is warm enough for swimming. But having a heated swimming pool on…
L-shaped pools are a popular choice for homeowners who want a pool for relaxation and lap swimming activities.

A Guide to Designing L-Shaped Pools

If you plan to install a swimming pool in your backyard, it’s essential to consider your design carefully.   A round or traditional rectangle pool might be okay if you’re thinking of taking an occasional dip and are more focused…
Concrete pool in the backyard of a luxury home.

Why Concrete Pools Are Our Most Popular Choice

Eager to have some fun in the sun while soaking in the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted? If you’re looking for a good combination of durability and design versatility, your best option would be the in-ground concrete pool. But what…
Concrete pool in backyard of home with gazebo.

Which Kind of In-Ground Pools Last the Longest?

  Torn between concrete,  fiberglass, and vinyl pools? Not sure which one is the best quality or will last the longest? While all of our pools are made with the highest quality materials, some generally last longer than others. In…