Keep your pool and spa safe from snow

How to Keep Your Pool and Spa Safe From Snow Damage

There's nothing quite like cooling off in your backyard pool in July or sinking into your private hot tub in the middle of December. However, it's no secret that both pools and spas require a bit of extra maintenance throughout…
Photo By Dave Severance

5 Things to Do Before Buying a Hot Tub

1. Choose the Right Seller Buying a hot tub is a big decision, and you should give careful consideration to where you buy it. You never want to buy from someone who may be unreliable or seem like they do…

How to Make the Best of Your Outdoor Living Area When it is Colder

We all know that as the summer season goes away, so does the heat. This makes it much harder for us to enjoy the outdoors, but the outdoor areas we have created don’t just go away! There are ways to…

It’s Time to Start Thinking About Opening Your Pool!

We're only a few weeks away from spring and all that comes with it: blooming plants, warmer weather and the start of pool openings across the Triangle area! While snow and ice days are still in our recent memory, now…
Advantages of hot tubbing in cold weather

Advantages of Hot Tubbing in Cold Weather

Around this time every year, we start to see the seasons change. The leaves continue to fall, days grow shorter and the temperature outside drops. We gather around the fireplace in loungewear with hot beverages and soak in the warmth.…
Don't get spooked by our scary savings

Don’t Miss Our Spooky Savings Sale!

This deal is so good, it's scary! We love hearing from our customers about which of our products are their favorites. Typically, toys, floats and outdoor decorations tend to be the most popular among our customers, which is why we…