Hot Tub & Spa Repair

Hot Tub & Spa Repair

Rising Sun Pools is proud to not only sell hot tubs, but be your trusted partner in repairs and maintenance should your hot tub develop a problem. Our team of experienced technicians have years of experience working with a wide variety of tubs, so they are uniquely prepared to quickly diagnose your issue and make repairs!

We offer the following services for customers across the Triangle:

  • Maintenance programs - To eliminate the buildup of bacteria and other contaminants, let Rising Sun Pools drain and thoroughly clean your hot tub every 4-6 months. Inquire about one of our maintenance programs.
  • Hot Tub Repair - We can handle all levels of hot tub repair, from simple plumbing work to entire spa refurbishment.
  • Hot Tub Inspections - If you have purchased or are considering purchasing a home with an existing hot tub, let the Rising Sun Pools hot tub experts perform a comprehensive inspection. We can help to ensure that your tub is running well and will continue to run well for years to come.
  • Hot Tub Covers - Rising Sun Pools offers the Triangle’s best selection of hot tub covers through Spa Covers, Inc. These top-of-the-line spa covers are fully custom and come in a variety of colors. Visit Spa Covers Inc. to see which spa cover may work for your hot tub.

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