Products & Equipment


One of the most important but most misunderstood aspects about owning a pool is properly treating it with chemicals. Did you know that Rising Sun Pools carries its own private line of pool and spa chemicals? We have everything from pool balancers and specialized treatments to spa sanitizers and chlorine.


Did you know that by switching to a more energy-efficient pool pump you can save money overall? Use the Hayward Energy Saving Calculator to see an estimate of how much you can save.

Pool owners trust Hayward to keep their in-ground pools in optimum condition. That’s why Rising Sun Pools is proud to carry several of Hayward’s innovative products, including pool pumps, filtration systems, pool heaters, automation products, and pool cleaners. As a Totally Hayward partner, Rising Sun Pools is also able to offer bumper-to-bumper extended, 3-year warranties on all Hayward equipment sold. Check out their available products here.

Tough, tested, proven – Jandy pool equipment speaks for itself. Find out what upgrades are available here.

***Rising Sun Pools does not guarantee availability of products on third-party sites. Please visit your local store to find out which products are available.***

Pool Covers

A pool safety cover can provide added peace of mind. Not only does it provide protection for your family, but it also helps keep your pool free of debris and it can protect your pool from potential damage. Regardless of the type of cover you choose, there are automatic and manual models. Consult with a Rising Sun Pools representative for the type and model that best meets your particular needs.

Click here to see available pool covers from LoopLoc. 

Click here to see GLI’s Winter Covers collection.

To request a quote on a new pool cover, visit our Opening & Closing Services page.