Aboveground Pools

Aboveground Pools: Durable, Affordable, and Stylish

Welcome to Rising Sun Pools, where you can discover the many benefits of aboveground pools. Our expertly designed pools combine durability, affordability, and style, making them an excellent choice for your outdoor oasis.

Experience the Difference with Synthetic Resin

At Rising Sun, we revolutionize the pool industry with our innovative synthetic resin injection process. This cutting-edge technology ensures that our aboveground pools offer a lifetime of beauty and seamless strength. Unlike steel pools, our synthetic resin material remains cool and rust-free, eliminating concerns about sharp edges or corrosion.

Unmatched Quality and Peace of Mind

When you choose Rising Sun Pools, you not only get a top-notch pool but also unparalleled peace of mind. We back every aboveground pool with our premium warranty, providing comprehensive coverage and exceptional service. Our commitment to your satisfaction goes above and beyond, making us the most trusted name in the Triangle area.

Explore Your Options

We offer a variety of aboveground pool models to suit your preferences and budget. Starting at just $6,400 (installation not included), our pools are designed to be affordable without compromising quality. For those seeking ultimate durability, we also have all-resin construction models available. Contact your local Rising Sun store for more details and personalized recommendations.

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Don't wait to create your dream pool. Contact Rising Sun Pools today and benefit from our expertise and unmatched pool solutions. Whether you're in Raleigh, Durham, or the surrounding areas, our team is ready to assist you. Take the first step towards poolside relaxation and enjoyment.

Available Models

Rising Sun offers aboveground pools from AquaLeader, one of the top names in the industry. See below for available models of AquaLeader aboveground pools. 

We also offer an exclusive all-resin model of aboveground pool. Contact a store associate today for more information.

For more information on our all-resin model, please reach out to one of our showrooms here.

Rising Sun Pools’ 4 Steps to Pool Ownership

The only limit is your imagination! Design your dream pool today.


Rising Sun Pools offers a wide range of necessary equipment for optimizing your pool’s cleanliness and efficiency. Find out more about our pool equipment selections by visiting our Products & Equipment page.

***Rising Sun Pools does not guarantee availability of products on third-party sites. Please visit your local store to find out which products are available.***


Rising Sun Pools offers financing for pool and spa projects. Click here to find out which of our financing options are right for you.

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The only limit is your imagination! Design your dream pool today.