Vinyl Pools

Swim Stress-free with Vinyl

Ready to dive into some serious summer fun? Set your sunny sights on a vinyl inground pool from Rising Sun. Vinyl is an affordable favorite among Triangle pool owners, so it’s a win-swim for everyone!

Vinyl lined pools have helped to reduce the cost of pool construction. That’s because vinyl pools are built with prefabricated metal/steel frames that are set into a pre-dug hole and reinforced with concrete footings and wall braces. The easy assembly makes these pools less costly - nearly half the price of a concrete pool!  

To learn more about vinyl or to get started, just contact us today. 

For information about vinyl liner options for new pools, click here.

Average cost: $60,000-$80,000

Project takes 6-10 weeks from start of installation*

*Weather permitting.


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Vinyl Pool Shapes

Legacy Edition Pools from Imperial has an extensive collection of vinyl pool shapes to choose from.

Find your favorite here, or view their full product brochure.




Rising Sun Pools offers a wide range of necessary equipment for optimizing your pool’s cleanliness and efficiency. Find out more about our pool equipment selections by visiting our Products & Equipment page.

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