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Whether you are planning on opening your pool for the summer or completely renovating your swimming pool, let Rising Sun Pools be your go to resource for pool services!

Keep reading to learn about the kind of service and maintenance Rising Sun Pools can provide, and fill out the Service Request form to request service for your pool or spa!

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Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance & Cleaning

One of the most stressful parts of owning the pool of your dreams can come in the form of cleaning and maintenance. Regular pool maintenance not only keeps your water clean, but can extend the life of your pool as well! Rising Sun Pools can complete pool maintenance on a regular basis, or help get your backyard oasis looking perfect before your next party or event!

With Rising Sun Pools, you don’t have to lift a finger to keep your pool maintained! Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time pool cleaning services. Our complete pool maintenance services include:

  • Pool vacuuming with the POWERVAC system
  • Skimming the pool surface
  • Cleaning pool baskets
  • Backwashing the pool filter
  • On-site water testing
  • Addition of pool chemicals
  • Brushing tile line
  • Minor pool repairs (o-rings, gaskets, etc.)
  • Delivery of necessary pool chemicals & seasonal chemical bundles

Pool Repair

Pool Repair

Don’t let broken pool equipment slow down your summer - get expert pool repairs from the team at Rising Sun Pools! Our Raleigh and Garner pool specialists offer some repairs in-store. As well as scheduling for service on-site. Contact us to learn more. Our professional pool repair services include:
  • Pool heater repairs & installations
  • Pool filter system repairs, replacements & relocations
  • Pool pump & motor repairs & replacements (offered in-store)
  • Leak detection & repairs
  • Pool purification systems & chlorinator repairs & installations (offered in-store)
  • Automatic pool cleaner repairs (offered in-store)
  • Sand changes
  • Salt Generator sales & installation

Save money by making upgrades

Did you know that by switching to a more energy-efficient pool pump you can save money overall? Use the Hayward Energy Saving Calculator to see an estimate of how much you can save.   Submit Service Request

Opening Services

Opening ServicesOpening Pool

Did you know that the media in filters should be changed every 4-5 season when opening your pool? Or that the salt cell should always be cleaned before the first swim of the season? Opening your pool is the most important maintenance activity you will do all season, make sure you get it right by letting Rising Sun Pools take care of the hassle for you!

As a part of our pool opening services, our Raleigh-based Rising Sun Pools will:

  • Remove the pool cover
  • Start the filter system
  • Add chlorine & algaecide (if requested)
  • Install ladder & handrail
  • Offer optional cleaning services after the opening
  • Additional services available at a discounted rate (sand changes, salt cell cleanings, filter cleanings, etc.)
  • Delivery of seasonal chemicals


Closing Services

Closing ServicesClosing - Pool Cover

When cold weather’s around the corner, it’s time to call Rising Sun Pools. Our seasonal pool closing services will keep your swimming pool protected through the fall and winter so when the temperature warms back up, you’ll be ready. During our pool closing visit, our Raleigh-area technicians will:

  • Install the pool cover
  • Winterize the pool filter system
  • Add winterizing chemicals (if requested)
  • Remove ladder & handrails if requested/required
  • Additional services available at a discounted rate with your opening (sand changes, salt cell cleanings, filter cleanings, etc.)

Don’t see the pool service you’re looking for? Our Garner and Raleigh, NC pool maintenance pros provide many specialty services, including:

  • Pool & hot tub inspections - Buying a house? Make sure the swimming pool or spa is operating properly before you make an offer.
  • In-store pool equipment repairs - Save money by bringing your pool cleaner or motor to our store for repairs!

Hot Tub & Spa Repair 

Hot Tub & Spa RepairHot Tub & Spa Repair

Did you know that your motor is the most likely part of your system to break? Do you know what to do if your hot tub starts leaking? Rising Sun Pools is proud to not only sell hot tubs, but be your trusted partner in repairs and maintenance should any part of your tub break. Our team of experienced technicians have years of experience working with a wide variety of tubs, so they are uniquely prepared to quickly diagnose your issue and make repairs!

Rising Sun Pools is proud to offer repair services for all types of hot tubs and spas (excluding jetted indoor tubs). Repair services include:

  • Leaking tubs
  • Plumbing issues
  • Electronics malfunctions
  • Pump repair and replacement
  • Filtration system repair and replacement
  • Exterior Maintenance
  • and much more

Vinyl Liner Replacement 

Vinyl Liner Replacement

If you’re considering a new vinyl liner for your in-ground pool, let Rising Sun Pools help with this transition. With over 45 years of experience, Rising Sun Pools specializes in making vinyl in-ground liner replacements as painless as possible.

Vinyl in-ground liner replacement includes the following:

  • Replacement of faceplates, screws, and gaskets on the returns, main drain, and skimmers
  • New directional eyes for each return
  • A new safety rope float 
  • New “No Diving” stickers
  • Retrowel the bottom to smooth out any rough spots or wash-outs
  • Prepare the steel walls by cleaning, scraping and painting over any rust spots; remove the old liner and discard
  • 1 year warranty on workmanship upon completion of the liner job
  • 5 year manufacturer’s defect warranty covering up to $1200 in water, labor and chemicals for a full 5 YEARS! It’s the best warranty in the state!

Contact us today to request a quote - all quotes are based on the features of your individual pool so please be ready with:

  • Size and shape dimensions
  • Step type (plastic or vinyl)

Call us at 919-851-9700 and let one of our pool specialists help you find the perfect liner to bring your project together!

Learn more about vinyl liner replacements:

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Pool Water Testing 

Pool Water TestingDrop and Go Water Testing

If it’s time to test your water, let Rising Sun Pools make the process simple with our Drop & Go program. Drop & Go is the Triangle’s easiest pool treatment and testing service, featuring 24/7 convenience and no need for an appointment!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Drop off your pool water sample and a completed form at one of our 24 hour dropbox locations in Raleigh and Garner, NC
  2. Our pool maintenance professionals will test your water sample and call or email you when the water analysis is complete.
  3. When your come by to pick up the results, we’ll have the recommended pool treatment chemicals waiting for you in-store.

It’s that easy to ensure that your pool is a clean and well maintained escape!

Renovations & Upgrades

Renovations & Upgrades

Renovations & Upgrades

If you have had your concrete or vinyl swimming pool for over 15 years, it may be time to upgrade pool shape, features or equipment. Even simple changes like a salt system upgrades, new equipment, plumbing, and lighting can change the look and feel of your pool and return your backyard escape!

Contact Rising Sun Pools today to find out how we can keep you swimming for years to come!

Freezing Temps

What to know about freezing temperatures and your pool.

Although we have not had severely cold weather yet, in North Carolina cold weather can strike at any time! We hope this is a guide you can save for when that cold weather pops up unexpectedly.

Here at Rising Sun Pools, we wanted to go over how to best protect your pool during thesefrigid winter months. Winterizing and covering your pool for the winter months is the only way to truly protect your equipment from freeze damage. If you chose to leave your pool open and your equipment operating over the winter then under normal winter conditions, water moving through pool equipment should not freeze. If your equipment is freeze protection enabled then it should perform as advertised to protect your system from freezing. Freeze protection will not protect lines that are not open and running such as lines for water features, sheer decent, slide lines and patio jets. These lines can be winterized independently from the rest of your pool equipmentand is strongly recommended.

What we recommend

Our normal recommendation, if you keep your pool running during the winter, is to set your timers so that the equipment runs overnight and is off during the day when temperatures are more likely to be above freezing. If you have freeze protection it will turn your equipment on during any times it is set to be off if the temperature drops below freezing (the freezing temperature your system is typically set to is 36-38). If staying open and running freeze protection should be set to highest speed when prolonged (sub-freezing) temps are forecasted.

We do not usually experience prolonged freezing temperatures like many do in other parts of the country and we do advise customers that this is to be done at their own risk. An unexpected loss of power or equipment failure can be disastrous for your pool and spa equipment during periods of freezing temperatures.

In the event of a deep freeze, like we experienced in years past, we strongly suggest you either cover and winterize your equipment in the fall and open it back up in early spring or simply winterize all of your equipment during our lowest temperatures between mid-December and the beginning of March.

You are never required to cover your pool. But, the longer your pool sits stagnant and exposed to sunlight, the more debris will get into the pool and more likely algae will grow, therefore, causing a more difficult spring clean-up.

At a minimum, we again encourage you to winterize individual lines that are more prone to freeze damage, like water features (sheer descents, rock waterfalls and patio jets), slides and certain types of spillover spas.

If your pool is not winterized, and you experience a loss of power during freezing temperatures, the pool equipment will typically go undamaged if it is not running for a few hours. However, if a power failure is prolonged, or you are concerned the loss of power will result in freeze damage, then we recommend the following:

  1. If you plan to winterize your equipment during a power failure TURN OFF ALL POWER to the pool equipment either at the breaker or the system itself. You do not want the equipment to come back on and run without water once the power is restored. The system running with plugs out and winterized will cause damage to the equipment. *If you chose to follow recommendation #6 then you can keep the power to the equipment on.
  2. Locate the drain plugs on ALL your pool equipment (pump, filter, heater, etc.) before you need to use them. Note that some individual components may have more than one drain plug.
  3. Locate your salt cell and know how to remove it or to insulate it very well. The salt cell is one of the most common items to experience freeze damage since it is not insulated by the ground and is completely exposed to the elements.
  4. If the power goes out for an extended period of time when temperatures are below freezing, you will want to drain your equipment (pumps, filters, heaters, salt systems), the above-ground plumbing and equipment is most susceptible to freeze damage.
  5.  If your equipment is below water level you will need to plug your “ports/jets” located inside the pool so the water doesn’t gravity drain through the open drain plug holes.
  6. *As an alternative to the recommendations above you can simply keep the equipment exactly as it is and wrap ALL of the equipment and lines in insulation or blankets/sleeping bags to try and keep them from freezing until the power is restored. This recommendation will not guarantee the equipment will not have freeze damage and should only be used short term.
  7. Do not break up the ice in the pool if you have a vinyl liner pool, you can damage your liner if you do this.
  8. Do not DRAIN your pool under any circumstances. Freeze damaged equipment can usually be repaired, the massive damage your pool can experience due to being empty can cause irreparable damage.
  9. Please call us or use the contact form on the website should you have any questions during freezing weather or power outages over the winter.

Please contact us with any questions regarding your pool and our winterization recommendations. To schedule your winterization or repairs, please call 919-851-9700 x225

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Water Testing App

Use the link below to access our online Water Testing App! Water testing is free in store with purchase of chemicals. For water test alone, there will be a $15 charge.

Water Testing App

Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical Safety Inspection

Rising Sun Pools is committed to helping our customers feel as safe as possible around their pools. In April 2016, the electrical code changed to include new regulations for independently bonded electrical equipment and GFCI protection for all aspects of your pool system.

To help ensure that all our customers are up to code, Rising Sun Pools is offering continuity tests with licensed electricians. This test will ensure that your ladders, rails, water, lights, and any other conductive electrical pool equipment meets new standards.

For more information, click the image to download our electrical safety guide or schedule your appointment below today!

Schedule an Electrical Safety Appointment

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Winterizing Guide

Steps for Winterizing Inground Pool Equipment

Be Sure to Have Your Water Tested Before Closing Your Pool.


*Filter systems below water level - all pipes and equipment must be drained and/or insulated.

*If your system is different or has special equipment please call us for specific instructions

Customers with Loop Loc winter covers need to start their systems in advance of those with solid winter covers (usually in March), due to the on-set of algae problems when the weather gets warmer. 


Steps for Winterizing Aboveground Pool Equipment

Be Sure to Have Your Water Tested Before Closing Your Pool.

*If your system is different or has special equipment please call us for specific instructions