Vinyl Liners

Vinyl Liners

If you're purchasing a new vinyl-lined pool and need to choose a liner, let Rising Sun Pools assist you. With over 50 years of experience, Rising Sun Pools specializes in making vinyl in-ground liner installation as painless as possible. 

We offer top-quality liners from these vendors (click on the links below to see manufacturer options):

Please note that not all liners shown are available. Some liners that are shown do carry upcharges due to their finish or special manufacturing process. Also, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that the representation of the liner in the catalog will be 100% accurate.

We strongly suggest you make your liner selection in person. Please use the appointment scheduler to schedule your in-store appointment; appointments are required. 

You can visit our Service page for more information on how we can renovate and upgrade your old vinyl liner.

*COVID-19 has impacted material availability in the pool industry. As a result, some patterns may have limited availability or will be temporarily out of stock. Please contact your salesperson or the store to review which liner patterns are available to you and which ones may be currently unavailable. Also, due to market fluctuations, we cannot guarantee pricing for vinyl liners for longer than 5 days. 


Click on the link below to schedule a vinyl liner consultation.