Open/Closing for the Season

So You’ve got a Pool

You’ve turned your backyard into a vacation experience. Your beautiful pool or spa is the envy of the neighborhood. In the summer, your house is the hot spot for bbq’s, get-togethers, and wonderful memories. However, being the go-to location for good times comes with a terrible price, maintenance. Every pool owner knows that before and after each season, it is crucial to perform the necessary tasks to keep your pool in tip top shape.

Opening Your Pool

It’s time to prepare for the pool season. You’ve got your work cut out for you. This process is so  important in making sure your pool is ready to go! First up, you should begin with a chemical cleaning. This means putting the filtration system in action, cleaning out the baskets, and removing any plugs that may be in place from closing last year. Next it’s time to fill up. Make sure you have that filtration system in place and operational before this step. Once it’s filled, you’ll want to test the water. There are many test kits available for purchase, or you could hire a professional to complete a comprehensive test. Next, balance your chemicals. Be sure to follow the manufacturer recommended instructions and ratios. Before you enjoy your pool, wait until the water is clear. Remove all debris from the pool. Lastly, keep up with the general maintenance by routinely vacuuming, filter cleaning, and chemical balance checks. For more information on Pool Opening Procedures, check out this article by Popular Mechanics.  

Closing Your Pool

The season has come to an end, and now it’s time to close pool operations down for the winter. First, re-balance your chemicals. Remove the unnecessary hardware like buckets, ladders, and wall fittings. A thorough cleaning is the next step in this process. Use a skimmer to clean the water’s surface and brush the walls of your pool as well. Lower the water level, but it is important that you do not drain it entirely. Add winterizing chemicals to the water. Finally, cover your pool until the warmer weather returns. Read this article by Swim University for more detailed information on Pool Closing Procedures.

Why Choose Rising Sun Pools? 

Rising Sun Pools and Spas has been proudly serving the Triangle since 1972. With 3 convenient locations in Raleigh, North Raleigh/Wake Forest, and Garner, our professional team is prepared to meet your needs. Our reputation for excellence stems from our commitment to outstanding service. Rising Sun is locally-owned, family-operated, and reliable.  Please feel free to visit us online and Contact Us with any questions you may have. Our Service Department is ready to help you take on the task of opening and closing your pool. Check out our Service page online to learn more.