Pool Safety & Swimming for Beginners

Pool Safety & Swimming for Beginners | Rising Sun Pools

If you are a beginner in learning how to swim, it can be a scary new thing to experience. You will need to take lessons in order to progress as a swimmer, but you can start to learn by trying a few things on your own. Remember to always swim with a lifeguard or friend.

Get Comfortable in the Water

Get in the water and wade around in the shallow end, getting used to how the water feels and feeling how buoyant you are. Slowly move to deeper water, up to your armpits or shoulders. This may take a few tries if you become nervous, but don’t worry!

You must first get comfortable in the water if you desire to learn to swim. Get in the shallow end of the pool and hold onto the side. Put your face into the water and blow bubbles by pushing air through your nose. Practice this until you feel comfortable with your face in the water, then move to a deeper area of the pool where you can still stand. Without holding onto the side, put your face in the water and blow bubbles again.

Floating & Flotation Devices

Hold onto the side of the pool. Lean back and let your feet float upwards. This should allow you to float, but it may take a few tries. Practice until you can float for 15-30 seconds, and then work on floating without holding onto the side.

Use a kickboard or styrofoam noodle and try to swim one lap around the pool. Hold the kickboard in front of you with straight arms. Push off the wall and kick with your legs straight behind you, rotating your head to the side to breathe. Rest along the way as necessary.

Use One Arm

Try another lap, but this time, include your arms. Hold your flotation device in front of you with straight arms, then push off the wall and kick. Lift one arm and pull down through the water with your arm, then return your arm to its starting position. Switch arms and repeat.

Swim Without the Device

Try swimming without the device. Try pushing your kickboard out in front of you and let it float away a bit. Begin stroking and kicking towards the kickboard, and then use it as support when you reach it.

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