Memorial Day Pool Party Ideas

Memorial Day Weekend is the kickstart to everyone’s summer, so make sure your party is one to remember. You opened your pool for the summer, so make sure it is looking its best for the party. The pool is the centerpiece to your backyard, so you want it to look great. If you need help getting your pool ready, Rising Sun has a maintenance and cleaning service that makes it easy! Once your pool is ready, it’s time to plan an amazing party. Rising Sun has seen some of the best pool parties, so here are some ideas that are not your average barbeque.

Hold a Drink Tasting

Whatever your drink of choice is, make the party fun for adults and the kids. Pick up a selection of wine or craft beer for a tasting, or make a variety of cocktails for everyone to try. Let the kids enjoy the fun too by making a variety of mocktails.

Rent a Hot Dog Cart

Hot dogs are an outdoor barbeque staple, so bring them to the party in an exciting way. With a cart you can have a hotdog ready to eat at anytime. Set up a condiment table so your guests can create any type of hotdog they can imagine.

Decorate the Backyard

Get festive for the holiday and hang streamers, lights and balloons. Memorial Day Weekend is an exciting holiday, so make sure this pool party stands apart from the rest.

Fun for the Night

Swimming all day can become tiring on kids and adults. Set up blankets for a viewing area on the lawn. This would be great if your yard has a great view of fireworks, or set up a projector screen to watch a movie on the side of the house. Set up a snack table of popcorn, deserts, or even an ice cream bar.

Rising Sun Pools & Spas

Start your summer off with a great party. Memorial Day Weekend is the party everyone has been looking forward to, so make it a memorable one. For all of your pool cleaning and maintenance needs, give Rising Sun Pools and Spas a Call TodayWe can make sure your pool works and looks great all summer long.