Why You Should Open Your Pool Sooner Than Later

The warmer weather is starting to get more consistent, but it’s only April so you don’t know if you should open your pool, or wait a little longer. Rising Sun Pools recommends you open it sooner than later. When the daily temperature is hitting 70 degrees or higher, it is time to open the pool.


Money is a large reason why pool owners like to wait to open their pool. They think the longer their pool is open, the higher the heating and filtration costs will be. Opening your pool early pushes you ahead of the game, so you can get all the supplies you need. If you wait to open, you will get peak season prices, and run the risk of not getting the supplies you need because things may be out of stock. Call ahead for our Opening Services and Rising Sun Pools can get out to your home to get started.


After a long winter, everyone is excited about the warmer weather, but algae loves the warmth too. The cover on your pool allows the sunlight to come through which creates a warm breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. The earlier you open your pool, the less cleaning you’ll have to do.


You installed a pool for a reason, so why not use it! If you have kids, they’ll spend their time outside when the weather is warm. Instead of having them run around the enclosed pool, why not open it and let them swim! The pool also increases the aesthetic of your backyard. Once the cover is off and everything is cleaned, you’ll have summer on the mind every time you look at it.

Rising Sun Pools & Spa

When it’s time to open the pool, call Rising Sun Pools & Spas. We offer a great Opening Service, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We can remove your cover, start the filter, add chlorine and clean the pool. Did you know you will need to change the media in your filter every four to five seasons? If you have a salt water pool, you will need to clean the salt shell before the first swim of the season. Opening the pool the right way is extremely important to have a stress-free summer. Make sure your pool is opened the right way, and contact Rising Sun Pools & Spas for our Opening Services.