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Swimming Pool Safety for Kids

Owning a pool comes with the responsibility of keeping it clean, regulating chlorine levels, and overall good maintenance. However, it also comes with the responsibility of keeping your kids safe! To ensure a fun and safe environment, follow these tips:


Maintain secure fencing with a locked entrance around the pool and deck area. If adequate supervision is not available, this will ensure that your children do not enter the pool unsupervised.

Alarm System

Invest in an alarm system equipped to your door, gate, or pool. An audible alarm will alert you if someone enters the pool area unattended.

Diving Guidelines

Diving should be prohibited unless designated otherwise. Water depth and diving restricted areas should be clearly marked.

Life-Saving Equipment

Make sure to have adequate equipment in the pool area in case of an emergency, including life preservers and a rope with life-saving rings as well as a reaching pole or rescue hook.

Life Jackets

If you have younger children, or if your child is an inexperienced swimmer, be sure to have life jackets on hand. However, do not rely on life jackets alone. Children should always be supervised.

Check Pool First

If your child goes out of sight by the pool, always check the water first rather than glancing around the area. Seconds count in preventing death or disability.

Protect The Skin

Limit the amount of direct sunlight your child receives, especially between 10 am and 4 pm. Wear sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15.


Ensure that your child drinks plenty of water. Avoid supplying them with sodas.


Enroll in-home pool safety, water safety, first aid, and CPR/AED courses to learn how to prevent and respond to emergencies.