Do I Need to Replace My Pool Vinyl Liner?

Every pool is different, and so are the vinyl liners. The longevity of your liner depends on whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool and the thickness of your original liner. It is important to know what to look out for, and know when it is time to replace your liner.

How Long Should I Expect My Liner to Last

There are multiple types of liners, and each of them have a different life expectancy. A pool liner can last anywhere from five to twelve years. When you installed your pool you had the choice of a 20, 27 or 28-mil vinyl pool liner. These numbers relate to the thickness of your liner. The thicker the liner, the longer life expectancy it has. A 20-mil liner can last you five to nine years, whereas a 27 or 28 can last up to twelve years.

Signs I Need a Replacement

The first sign that your pool liner needs to be replaced is the appearance of the walls. If you see the color is fading or there are wrinkles, that is a tell-tale sign you are in need of a new liner. Feeling the liner can also indicate if it is time for a replacement. Over the years your liner can become thin and brittle, which means your pool is in need of a new one. Next you should pay attention to the water level. If the water level is dropping quickly then you may have a leak. Check the liner for any tears or separations which may be causing the leak. If you are in need of a vinyl liner replacement, the late spring or summer is the best time to do it. The warmer weather gives the liner more elasticity, making it easier for it to line up along the pool walls

Why Choose Rising Sun Pools & Spas

Rising Sun Pools and Spas has an expert team who can help with all liner replacements. When you choose us to help with your replacement you will receive not only a new liner but new screws, faceplates, gaskets, ropes and stickers. We will scrape and clean your pool walls before applying the new liner and pressing it smooth. We make the replacement process easy, and will take your old liner away for you. All of Rising Sun’s replacements come with a one year warranty on workmanship and a five year manufacturer’s defect warranty, the best warranty in the state! Contact us today with the size, shape and details of your pool and we’ll create a quote for you!