Surprising Pool Maintenance Tricks

As long as pool owners complete the regular projects required of maintenance such as chemical care and cleaning, it’s easy to keep a pool in clear condition all summer long. There are some tricks you can utilize to save time, effort, and money to have an even cleaner pool.

Toss in a Tennis Ball

Suntan lotion and sunblock often end up in the pool after being applied to swimmer’s bodies, and these substances can make the pool dirty quickly. If you throw a standard tennis ball into the pool to float for a while, it will suck up all the extra oils and chemicals that don’t belong in the pool. Leave it in at all times if you prefer!

Toe the Tile Line

Residue, dirt, and contaminants stick along the water line and tile area. Clean this area on a weekly basis reduce the speed in which the pool gets cloudy and dirty. Weekly cleaning of this area also reduces calcium buildup. Cleaning the cement or walkways around the pool will reduce the transference of dirt and grime into the water.

Keep Dogs Out

Dogs love to play around in the pool, but chlorine is not good for canines! Not only will it irritate your dog’s skin, it will also cause the pool to get hairy and dirty faster. If you are dying to let your dog in on your summer fun in the pool, adjust the chlorine levels to 3.0 PPM for safety.

Track Water Usage with a Bucket

Average water loss should not be much more than a quarter of an inch per day. Placing a weighted bucket on the stairs of your pool and marketing the water level on the side of the bucket will help to measure water loss. Big drops in water levels might signal a leak!