A Guide to Designing L-Shaped Pools

L-shaped pools are a popular choice for homeowners who want a pool for relaxation and lap swimming activities.

A Guide to Designing L-Shaped Pools

If you plan to install a swimming pool in your backyard, it’s essential to consider your design carefully.


A round or traditional rectangle pool might be okay if you’re thinking of taking an occasional dip and are more focused on overall backyard improvements. But if you envision a future where your household and guests spend much time in the pool, it might be good to start looking into l-shaped pools.


L-shaped pools are a brilliant option because they can be modified to suit your backyard size and desired open space. They’re also a popular choice for homeowners wanting a pool for relaxation and lap swimming activities.


Here, Rising Sun Pools & Spas discusses the benefits of l-shaped pools and how you can design an l-shaped swimming pool in your backyard that you can love.

What are the Perks of L-Shaped Pools?

Choosing a pool shape isn’t always as simple as picking a pool design and scheduling installation or renovation services. 


You also have to consider their over functionalities. For example, kidney-shaped pools are known for their versatility, while rectangular pools are suitable for properties featuring clean-cut, modern architecture. You may also opt for Roman or Grecian pool designs for a classic and luxurious look.


But perhaps you’ll get the most out of lazy-l or l-shaped pools.

They provide a gradual pool entry so you can play water games or lounge around on slow afternoons. At the same time, they have another side that is safe and appropriate for diving and swimming laps. This way, you get both relaxation and exercise without compromise.


An l-shaped pool is also a good idea if you have young children at home. They can splash around in the shallow area while older swimmers dive into the deep end.


Take a look at more great reasons to opt for l-shaped pools:

• Design-wise, you can keep one leg of the pool ladder free or step-free, so it looks cleaner, more elegant, and more minimalist.

• Enjoy varying water depths for a wider range of water activities, from lounging on the short and shallow end to exercising in the lap pool.

• Maximize the space in your backyard by installing a swimming pool that adjusts to the available space for an outdoor fixture.


Additionally, locking in the pool design to wrap around a corner of the yard makes it look built into the property.


Still undecided about the swimming pool shape you want? You can get insights from a professional pool services provider such as during our custom consultation appointments, so we can help you survey your options and make the most of your backyard investment.

How Do You Design Stunning L-shaped Pools?

The decision-making doesn’t end after you choose a pool shape. In fact, expect yourself to make more decisions after deciding on l-shaped pools — the design matters, after all.

For example, you may opt for defined angles, geometric lines, and sleek corners if you’re going for a modern or minimalist look.


On the other hand, you may opt for the lazy-l design with less defined angles and slightly more curved lines without jumping into another pool design category, such as kidney-shaped or freeform swimming pools.


You must consider the following factors when designing l-shaped pools:

Backyard Layout

It’s essential to determine how much backyard space is available for the l-shaped pool and how long the two legs could be.

House Architecture

The pool shape should complement the overall house architecture and style to boost property value. This could also entail slightly adjusting the standard l-shaped model to blend seamlessly into your backyard.

Swimming Pool Usage

Do you see yourself lounging on the shallow end more often during social gatherings? Or are you more inclined towards swimming laps in your free time? This affects your l-shaped pool’s overall space, depth, and size distribution.

Pool Installation Budget

Finally, when finalizing the shape, size, and custom features of your l-shaped pool, it’s important to consider your budget. It’s always better to plan something that’s just a little under your budget, so you have more room for additional customization.


If you’re fixed on the idea of l-shaped pools but need help with a suitable design, get in touch with an experienced pool installer such as through our custom consultation appointments, to help you maximize the space in your yard.

Rising Sun Pools — L-Shaped Pool Installation & Maintenance

Rising Sun Pools & Spas help you envision and actualize an l-shaped pool according to your design and quality expectations.

So whether you’re still in the swimming pool design stage or are ready to dive into the installation service, we’re ready for the job.

We also provide pool maintenance programs and pool-related products, such as grills, chemicals, and patio furniture, to ensure your l-shaped pool stays in excellent condition for a long time.

Schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff members today!


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