Choosing a Pool Shape

Swimming pools from Rising Sun Pools & Spas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so how do you choose the perfect one for your home? It is important to consider price, the space you have available, who will be using the swimming pool and for what reasons, as well as the depth and shallowness of the pool. Continue reading to get a better understanding of some of the shape options for your pool:


Kidney shaped pools resemble a curved bowl with an indent on one side. This shape is highly versatile, so it is a popular choice among many homeowners. You can easily add on features to the indentation, like a pool bench.


If you are going for a more modern look, rectangular-shaped pools have clean-cut angles perfect for water aerobics and avid swimmers. These pools are very common, so finding an appropriately sized pool cover is relatively easy. Keep in mind that narrow-sized rectangular pools may be more challenging to maintain, as there may be hard-to-reach spaces.

L-Shaped and Lazy-L

L-shaped pools are great for all ages, perfect for swimming laps, diving, or playing water games. Lazy-L shapes have a unique design, providing space for both lap swimming and pool entry steps to the side. This allows for both exercise and relaxation without crossing paths of another. The foot area of the pool gives young children a place to play in the shallow area, while older swimmers can enjoy the deep end.

Roman & Grecian

Roman and Grecian-shaped swimming pools are upscale, yet classic options to choose from when planning for a pool. These pools are great focal points and conversation pieces with highly favorable designs. However, these designs can reduce the usable square footage of the pool due to the cut-off corners.

Rising Sun Pools & Spas

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