Which Kind of In-Ground Pools Last the Longest?

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Which Kind of In-Ground Pools Last the Longest?

  • February 21, 2023
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Deciding on the right in-ground pool type can be challenging, especially when considering longevity and quality. Let’s explore the durability and lifespan of different pool types to help you make an informed choice.


Concrete pools stand out for their exceptional durability, often lasting up to 50 years with proper care. Unlike vinyl liner and fiberglass pools, concrete pools are robust, withstand heavy use, and resist extreme weather conditions. Their strong construction minimizes the risk of scratches and stains, maintaining their aesthetic appeal over time. Regular maintenance, including acid washing and resurfacing every decade, ensures their longevity and beauty.


Continue reading to learn more about the maintenance needs of each pool type and how to maximize the lifespan of your chosen pool. Discover the perfect balance between durability, aesthetics, and care requirements for your dream in-ground pool.


What Pools Have the Most Longevity?

Choosing between concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools can be difficult, but there are some differences in the longevity of each pool. The longevity of your pool depends on the maintenance, cleaning, and chemicals you use.

Here, we’ll discuss the maintenance requirements for each type of pool and maintenance practices affect the longevity of each one.


Concrete Pools

Unlike vinyl liners and fiberglass pools, concrete pools are NOT premade. That’s right, you get to customize your concrete pool down to the color of the water! Once you meet with a specialist at Rising Sun Pools, you can tell them the shape, depth, and size of the concrete pool you’re looking for. With different concrete, color, and size options, the possibilities are endless.

Not only are concrete pools the most popular and highly customizable, but they have the longest lifespan compared to vinyl liner and fiberglass pools. Concrete pools do require a little more maintenance than the fiberglass and vinyl options, but these pools will last much longer with proper care.

The porous nature of concrete allows for algae to grow quickly, so it is important to clean the pool walls and floor regularly. Acid washing is one form of maintenance for concrete pools. This is typically only done every 3-5 years to prevent algae and bacteria buildup on the surface of the pool. Concrete pools do need some resurfacing every 10 or so years to repair cracks and enhance the appearance of your pool.

When it comes to cleaning or resurfacing your concrete pool, be sure to contact a professional to help – as DIY concrete pool cleaning can lead to greater damage

A concrete pool’s lifespan is much longer, lasting up to 50 years with proper care! Concrete pools are the most popular option due to their strength and durability, even with heavy use and extreme weather. Unlike vinyl liner and fiberglass pools, concrete pools are less likely to be scratched or stained and will keep their gorgeous appearance over time.


Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are another popular selection because of their low maintenance requirements –  much more manageable than vinyl lined and concrete pools. You can even hire Rising Suns Pools to do the maintenance for you if you would like!

The maintenance required for a fiberglass pool includes simple routine cleaning, checking the pH and chemical balance of the water, and checking the water levels to ensure they are above the skimmer. Of course, you will also need to run your pool filter regularly and clean out any plant debris that gets into your pool from nearby trees, bushes, or other plants.

With proper care, cleaning, and regular maintenance, fiberglass pools can last up to 30 years!

While fiberglass pools offer many advantages and options for inserts, they are not quite as customizable as concrete pools. Created with a fiberglass “shell” that is inserted into the ground, your options for design and layout are limited to what is available.

Want to browse our available fiberglass pool options? Use our online Pool Builder to see how it will look in your own backyard!


Vinyl Pools

Vinyl is a more affordable pool option for those who still want to catch some rays in their own backyard. While it can be easier to care for a vinyl pool in the short term, the long-term cost of repairs can add up if you do not properly care for your vinyl pool liner.

Vinyl pools can be sensitive, so if you decide to drain your pool, consult Rising Suns Pools first. If vinyl pools are not drained properly, the liner can shrink or change shape. You also need to be wary of sharp objects in or around your vinyl lined pool. Sharp objects, such as glass or cans, can rip your liner and require some costly repairs.

While vinyl pools are a cost-effective option, they typically do not last as long as their counterparts. Vinyl pools can last anywhere from 10-15 years if you properly maintain your vinyl liner.


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