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10 Questions to Ask During a Luxury Pool Consultation

Most luxury pool builders will offer prospective clients a free consultation before beginning any work. This meeting is a chance for the builder to get a better sense of your vision and timeline AND for you to ask the questions.    Buy what should you ask your pool builder at…
Rising Sun Pools freeform concrete pool

Our Favorite Concrete Pool Shapes

One of the biggest perks of concrete pools is the ability to build them into whatever shape you want! The design possibilities are seemingly endless.    Here are some of our favorite concrete pool shapes:   1. Freeform It’s called freeform because there are essentially no rules and no geometric…
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7 Essential Pool Maintenance Tips Every Owner Should Know

Pool maintenance is no simple feat. Many pool owners don’t initially realize the amount of work that goes into up-keeping an above-ground or in-ground pool.   But, routine pool care is essential for…   - Water safety - Pool cleanliness - Pool system longevity - And more   If only…
Pool chemicals next to a luxury pool

How to Maintain Proper Pool Chemistry

When you buy a pool, one of the first things you’ll need to learn is how to adequately balance pool water chemistry.   The list of benefits of proper pool chemistry is expansive.   You will…   - Protect the health and well-being of swimmers. - Avoid costly damage and…
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Top 5 Ways to Customize Your Pool Design

Customizing your swimming pool environment is one of the most exciting parts of the pool-building process. It’s your chance to explore your personal style and vision and plan a pool design that is truly YOU.   With decades of experience building custom pools, we’ve seen all the customization requests you…
A water ring floating in clean, clear pool water.

How to Keep Your Pool Clean & Clear All Summer

With sporadic summer rainstorms and windblown debris, maintaining a clean and clear pool is no simple task. But doing so is essential to your pool health.   Not only does a well-maintained pool look and feel great, but adequate maintenance also extends your pool’s usable lifespan. And by keeping your…
Jason Grover’s Quantum Pool from Rising Sun Pools

Our Top 3 Favorite Above-Ground Pool Projects in 2023

After holding our Above-Ground Top 3 contest, the Rising Sun Pools team has selected the very best of the best above-ground pool projects of 2023.   After lots of internal discussion, here’s what we decided…   1. Tommy Vestal’s Pandora Pool You bet the Vestal family will be living in…
Rising Sun Pools hot tub

Rising Sun Pools: The Top Spa Outlet in Raleigh, NC

Looking for fun ways to make your home feel more relaxing? You can never go wrong installing a hot tub in your backyard. Take a refreshing dip in this personal hideaway during summer or warm yourself up in the bubbly waters during colder months. Plus, with unique jet configurations, the…
Steam Rising from Heated Swimming Pool with Concrete Deck

5 Benefits of Swimming in Heated Pools

Owning a swimming pool already comes with plenty of perks —you can enjoy using your pool in Raleigh during the summer and early fall months, when the weather is warm enough for swimming. But having a heated swimming pool on your property? It has even more benefits. Heated pools aren’t…
L-shaped pools are a popular choice for homeowners who want a pool for relaxation and lap swimming activities.

A Guide to Designing L-Shaped Pools

If you plan to install a swimming pool in your backyard, it’s essential to consider your design carefully.   A round or traditional rectangle pool might be okay if you’re thinking of taking an occasional dip and are more focused on overall backyard improvements. But if you envision a future…