5 Things to Consider Before Installing an In-Ground Pool

5 Things to Consider Before Installing an In-Ground Pool

5 Things to Consider Before Installing an In-Ground Pool

Building your dream in-ground pool is a major investment of time AND money. Without the proper research and consideration, you could find yourself overpaying, working with a low quality contractor, or buying a pool that requires more maintenance than you can manage.


To ensure you end up with the TRUE pool of your dreams, there are several things you need to think about before you move forward with your in-ground pool purchase.


1) The type of pool you want


When it comes to in-ground pools, you have several options. Spend time looking into the differences between (and unique benefits of) the three categories of in-ground pools: vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass.


Concrete (or gunite) pools use a mixture of concrete and sand, and are therefore easy to customize into any shape or size you want. You can truly make your concrete pool a piece of art. Concrete pools are also very durable, generally lasting upwards of 20 years.


Fiberglass pools are non-porous, super low maintenance, and known for being extremely sturdy – often sticking around for 25 years or longer!


Meanwhile, vinyl pools come with the lowest initial cost, are slick and smooth to the touch, and can open up opportunities for extremely unique and customizable pool builds.


When comparing the pros and cons of each kind of pool, it is important to consider your budget, functionality, maintenance requirements, customizability, longevity, and – of course – the general aesthetic.


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2) Your desired shape, size, design & amenities


To identify the best size and shape for your in-ground pool, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself…


  • • How will the pool be used? (play, exercise, lounging, etc.)
  • • How much space does your yard offer? 
  • • What is the general aesthetic you are going for?
  • • Are there any HOA or property guidelines you need to consider?
  • • What sort of landscaping do you envision?


During the initial stages of planning your pool build, sketching out your ideal pool design is a helpful first step. In fact, the Rising Sun Pools pool builder tool makes it EASY for you create a rough design of your in-ground pool – allowing you to choose your favorite decking, pool shape, water and fire features, pool amenities, and more!


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3) Where the pool will go


Deciding on the placement of your in-ground pool is not as simple as choosing a spot that just looks nice. You will need to consider existing yard features – such as irrigation piping, plumbing, landscaping, the slope of your yard, trees, ground type, decks, and patios.


Remember, the dimensions and slope of your yard may limit your size and shape options. While some yards offer better landscapes for linear pools, others may better accommodate a curved or irregular-shaped pool.


And don’t forget to factor in the transportation and maneuvering needs of your pool construction company. To install your pool (and to make any necessary fixes down the road), your pool contractor will need to transport bulky materials and large equipment into your yard. If your yard slope or unique location do not allow for such maneuverability, you could face some major challenges for your installation process.


Need help determining a good pool location? No worries! The Rising Sun Pools contractors have you covered. Before we install any in-ground pool, we conduct thorough site visits to establish clear, comprehensive pool installation plans.


4) How to choose a quality contractor


Want to make sure you have chosen a pool builder that will not let you down? There are several things you should look out for. Your pool contractor should…



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5) Your contractor’s unique construction timeline


To set realistic expectations for your pool installation process, you will need to ask your pool contractor about their specific construction process and timeline – per each specific type of pool. For example, here are the Rising Sun Pools timeline estimates for concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools.


The time frame of your pool build not only depends on the materials used. It can also be impacted by your chosen pool size, weather conditions, permit problems, yard accessibility, and more!


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A pool is a big investment! Fortunately, Rising Sun Pools offers financing options for every pool project. Visit our financing page to learn more.


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The most trusted pool builder in the Triangle Area since 1972, Rising Sun Pools has helped countless Raleigh, NC homeowners build spectacular in-ground (and above-ground) pools and outdoor living spaces for over 50 years!


Ready to design your dream pool? Use our Pool Builder tool, now! Or contact our team today.




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