5 Reasons to Build Your Pool in the Fall

With the first week of fall coming to a close, pool owners are starting to think about preparing their backyard oasis for the cooler weather and dropping leaves. If your family has been chatting about getting a pool for the backyard of your dreams, now is the time to do it with Rising Sun Pools, a Raleigh pool company. Autumn is the best season to have a pool installed for a considerable amount of reasons, but we have listed the top five to start your planning now: 

1. Beat the Peak of the Season

“Pool building season” is typically when the weather starts to warm back up in the spring to early summer months. Deciding to break ground in the fall to early winter is when Rising Sun Pools, Raleigh pool company is most available to handle all of your backyard getaway needs. 

2. Better Weather

Everyone has heard the term “spring showers”, which ultimately result in pool construction taking a little longer than expected. The cool and dry weather fall brings is great for the construction process to get done in a timely manner. Additionally, planting landscape around a pool is what really tops off the oasis feel. Do you want to spend prime pool weekends planting the finishing touches, when you could be enjoying your beautiful backyard addition? 

3. Better Prices

While Rising Sun Pools & Spas always offers the most reasonable prices for their pools, spas, and services, during the peak season, prices may rise due to demand. Starting the process of planning your Raleigh inground pool with the Pool Builder tool in the cooler months is a surefire way to ensure that your pool will be built in a timely manner, and even at a lower price from any Raleigh pool company

4. Yard Recovery

There is nothing worse than being excited to go swimming, and on your way to the freshly cleaned pool, you step in a puddle of mud from the recent construction. Constructing your pool in the fall allows for your yard to spend the winter and spring months in recovery mode. The grass will grow back, decking can be laid, and the kids can play without the worry of wiping their feet off. 

5. Tax Refund

This is a good one. While you have been busy saving for this large investment, did you realize that pools are considered a home improvement on your taxes? This means you can claim the entire project! The thought of your backyard getaway finally being ready to use in the spring, and within weeks you receive a hunky refund sounds pretty great to us. 

Rising Sun Pools 

Of course, any time of the year is a good time to start your pool planning process, and contacting Rising Sun Pools & Spas, a Raleigh pool company is the first step of many! Call us today to speak with one of our pools and spas experts to get you set up on a pool builder plan today.