Deciding the Right Shape and Size of Your Inground Pools

One of the most popular questions customers ask when building their pool is how big should my pool be? This is a very important aspect to consider before breaking ground in pool construction because once the pool is built, it’s quite difficult to shrink, stretch, or reshape once it’s in the ground. If you are planning on beginning pool construction this fall, make sure to review these questions that Rising Sun Pools, your local inground pools service in Raleigh, NC has created just for you. 

  • Who will mainly be using the pool? 

    • If the pool will only be used by a couple, the size may differ from a family with three children who want to have playdates and parties in and around the inground pools area. 
  • What will the pool be used for? 

    •  If you are wanting a pool for exercises such as swimming laps, water aerobics, or other workout routines, then a pool as least 30 ft. in length should suffice. If your children want a diving board, the depth of the pool, as well as the length are components to consider. But if one just wants to receive relaxation from inground pools such as wading, tanning, and cooling off, the pool size necessary will be different. 
  • How much patio and yard area do you want?

    • A large pool can take up a lot of space. If you are a family that likes to entertain but still wants a useable water feature, a smaller pool still allows for plenty of yard and patio space for get-togethers and celebrations. Grills, patio chairs, and fire pits are large outdoor furniture that should also be taken into consideration when planning your outdoor inground pools size. 
  • What are your HOA and property guidelines about pools?

    • First things first, be sure that your HOA, if you have one, allows you to have a pool. Do they require a fence to go around your yard? Maybe they require a certain area of yard be left when construction is complete. Knowing what rules and regulations your neighborhood or property lines have in place about building pools is essential to know before breaking ground. 
  • Will your family size change in the coming years? 

    • It can be difficult to see into the future, but families tend to change, especially if grandkids are a soon possibility. Being prepared for a reasonable number of guests and family members visiting your home and utilizing your pool can never hurt. The number of people you expect to be using your inground pools at any given time will affect what size, shape, and depth that your pool should be. 

After answering these questions for your specific situation, they should help you come to a better understanding of what type of pool, the shape, and the size your inground pool should be. If you still need a little help, check out Rising Sun Pools and Spa’s inground pools buyer guide

The Next Step

After figuring out who will be using the pool, what will it be used for, and the sizing of your yard, property, and wanted deck space, now it is time to contact your local inground pools services, like Rising Sun Pools and Spa of Raleigh NC. At Rising Sun Pools and Spas, the pool professionals are ready to help you make any final decisions and suggestions on what your new backyard oasis should look like. To be able to visualize the project, head on over to Rising Sun Pool’s pool builder tool

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