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Pool Cleaners

Rising Sun Pools offers a variety of automatic pool cleaners to take away the hassle of manual cleaning. Each make and model has different features, but each:

  • Sweeps every inch of the pool floor and collects debris
  • Improves water circulation
  • Reduces need to clean filter (in some models by up to 80%)
  • Is easy to operate and install

Pool Heaters

Rising Sun Pools is here to help you keep your pool warm as the days begin to get cooler. Solar powered water heaters allow you to keep your pool open well into the fall and beyond (depending on the make and model). To keep your pool warm when not in use, consider a solar cover, which captures the sun’s energy and transfers it to the pool. A good solar cover can raise the pool temperature by up to 15 degrees! There are chemical heating options as well.


Pool Covers

A pool safety cover can provide added peace of mind. Not only does it provide protection for your family, but it also helps keep your pool free of debris and it can protect your pool from potential damage. Regardless of the type of cover you choose, there are automatic and manual models. Consult with Rising Sun Pools representative for the type and model that best meets your particular needs.