How Long Does It Take To Install An In-Ground Pool?

How Long Does It Take To Install An In-Ground Pool?

How Long Does It Take To Install An In-Ground Pool?

  • September 15, 2022
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Most in-ground pool projects take anywhere from 6 to 20 weeks. However, your specific pool installation timeline can vary depending on a variety of factors – from the type of pool you purchased to the size of your pool to the season you choose to build.


Determining YOUR unique in-ground pool installation timeline requires more than just assessing how long it will physically take for the Rising Sun Pools team to dig a hole in your yard, lay all the plumbing and electrical, and fill the hole with concrete, vinyl liner, or fiberglass. First, you must work with our in-ground pool professionals to plan and prepare for construction, receive the proper permits, and select the best pool to meet your needs.


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To help you set a realistic expectation for your unique pool installation timeline, we have broken the in-ground pool installation process into three categories – concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass.


Concrete Pool Installation | 12 to 20 weeks


Concrete pools generally take the longest to install – primarily because the concrete needs to be cured prior to installation.


All in-ground pool installation processes start with excavation – which generally takes about one week, depending on the shape of your pool and accessibility of your yard. Once the hole has been emptied, the structural support phase begins. At this point, the pool-builders reinforce the hole and lay a foundation of gravel.


For concrete pools, the next step is to add the plumbing and electrical systems, after which the gunite is sprayed and the pool will begin to take its intended shape. Once the concrete is set, it’s time to fill the pool with water, add the coping, decking, and any other landscape customizations!


Vinyl Pool Installation | 6 to 10 weeks


In many ways similar to the concrete pool installation process, installation of vinyl liner pools starts with excavation and establishing a structure. After digging the hole, the Rising Sun Pools builders will create a frame for the pool, place wall panels, and install a vinyl liner.


The vinyl liner is flexible, with seams to match the unique shape of your pool – not only making this the most customizable in-ground pool option, but also making the process relatively quick and easy.


Fiberglass Pool Installation | 6 to 10 weeks


The installation process for fiberglass pools is by far the quickest – particularly because fiberglass pools are built off-site.


Once the Rising Sun Pools team has excavated your pool area and established an initial foundation, the pre-built fiberglass pool outline will be placed in the hole, and plumbing and electrical systems will be implemented. Once the outline and systems are in place, our team will start the process of backfilling (filling up the empty space between the pool outline and the foundation underneath).


Next, comes the coping, decking, and further customizations to make your pool the safe, luxury oasis you have been dreaming of. When it comes to fiberglass pools, your customization options are practically endless – including colored finishes, ceramic tile, tanning ledges, water features, pool lights, elevated spas, poolside walls, and more. Just remember, the more customizations you request, the longer the project will take.


Common Obstacles to Pool Installation


However, the timeline estimates listed above are just that – estimates. Many factors can slow down the in-ground pool installation process, including…


Trouble deciding on a design – Before you can receive the permits required to start excavation, you need to be able to provide finalized design plans. The longer it takes you and your pool designer to come up with a satisfactory design, the longer your initial wait can be.


Difficulty obtaining permits – The timeliness of the per
mitting process depends almost entirely on the efficiency of your local permitting office.


● Weather conditions – Rain showers, icy weather, and other unfavorable weather conditions can often put a momentary pause on any construction work.


Customization – Although the end result will be stunning, personal customizations to your dream pool take time to implement.


Whether you choose a busy installation season – Spring and summer are notoriously known for being the busiest times for pool installation. That’s why we recommend scheduling your installation for fall or winter.


Pool size and shape – The larger or more complex your pool design, the longer it will take to excavate, reinforce, and line with your material of choice.


Yard accessibility – Consider the path that heavy equipment will need to take to travel from the road to the location of your pool. The trickier it is for machinery to navigate to and around your yard, the longer the process will take.


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