What to Expect When Building Your Backyard Pool

For most, building an in-ground pool only happens once or twice–making the learning curve quite steep. While the process is exciting and results in a wonderful backyard activity for all to enjoy, not knowing what to expect can be intimidating. Our expert inground pool Raleigh project managers at Rising Sun Pools and Spa are here to provide you with the knowledge of the various stages and steps you can expect as you build your dream inground pool.

Planning and Preparation

A pool is an investment in your home so it’s important to understand what all goes into building a pool. Begin by planning out a budget for your pool and start saving. It’s important to work with a qualified pool builder or supplier, so reach out to local companies and do thorough research before selecting the one to do the job. 

Selecting the Right Pool

A key factor when adding an inground pool to your home is to consider the right pool for your yard. It’s important to not only consider the size of your backyard, but the natural elements in your yard, such as a slope, trees, or ground type. Your inground pool Raleigh contractor should require a walkthrough of your backyard to make sure that the type and size of pool you are purchasing is the best fit for you. This also has to deal with the type of pool you are looking for; vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass. 

Begin Construction. Consider the path that heavy equipment will need to get from the road to the location of your pool. The process takes machinery, concrete, materials, and skilled workers to transform your yard. Some things to consider when mapping out your yard include: 

  • Do you have enough space between your home and your neighbors? 
  • Will fencing need to be temporarily taken down?
  • Is there any pre-existing landscape that will need to be removed?
  • Identifying staging areas for materials to be kept safe

Once these components are sorted out with your pool contractor, construction can begin! 

The Construction Process

The process of building an inground pool Raleigh begins with excavation. The shape of the pool will be painted and staked out in your yard. Then the builder will dig out your pool. Your backyard will look like a messy construction site throughout this phase of installation. 

Next, the structural support comes in. This is the first phase of actual construction. The builders reinforce the hole and or lay a foundation of gravel down. Depending on the type of pool you purchased, a fiberglass pool would be placed in the hole now. Then plumbing and electrical are installed. PVC pipe is run to the location of the mechanical equipment. Installed lines include the skimmers, main drain, water features, and any other mechanical lines included in your contract. The break box or sub panel will also be installed at the location where the pool pump, filter, and heater will be placed.

If you purchased a concrete pool, this is the part where the pool begins to get its shape, when the gunite is sprayed. With a fiberglass pool, backfilling will now take place. Coping and decking happen next. Pool coping is both decorative and practical, giving your pool added visual flair while blocking water from spilling over the pool shell and leaking into the soil. Your pool should be ready to be filled with water during this process. Lastly, is the rebuilding of your fence, landscaping, and a pool start up! 

Rising Sun Pools and Spa Inground Pool Raleigh NC

While this process is only four steps, the entire length of the construction time can take months! Begin your new pool construction now to ensure it will be ready for you and your family when the temperatures start to rise again. Starting now will ensure you have plenty of time to accommodate any delays that may come, and can prepare for the months ahead. Contact our inground pool Raleigh professionals at Rising Sun Pools and Spa today to get started!