Why Get a Pool Inspection Before Putting Your House On the Market?

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Why Get a Pool Inspection Before Putting Your House On the Market?

Pools add significant value to any property—according to Bankrate, it can increase market value by 7%. However, an ill-maintained pool could negatively affect its selling
price and curb appeal.
If you want to sell your house with a pool, call for a professional inspection before putting it on the market.
A thorough pool inspection brings the following benefits:


Safety is the number one concern for potential home buyers. If they see that the pool is unsafe, they will not go through with the purchase or ask for a lower price.
Professional pool inspectors conduct various checks within the pool and its immediate vicinity to ensure the safety of everyone who uses it.
Here are some specific checkpoints:
● Safety railings – must be secure and durable
● Decking – sturdy and not slippery
● No electrical wiring in the immediate vicinity


It is customary for sellers to clean up the entire property in preparation for putting it up on the market. The house’s immediate surroundings and amenities must also be cleaned
thoroughly, including the pool.
Cleanliness isn’t just about removing leaves and other debris from the surface of the water. It is also essential to check the pH levels of the pool—experts say it must be
between 7 and 7.6. Lower pH can lead to painful eyes for swimmers, and higher pH may result in rashes.


Professionals can determine if the pool is in good working condition. They will check that the pumps and filters are functioning correctly and that water is circulating as it
should. They will also check other critical elements, such as the diving board, heater, or cover, if there is one.

Why Is It Important to Inspect the Pool?

Buyers want to know if the property they are eyeing is worth the investment, and having an outdoor pool would surely add interest. Home buyers want to be assured that the pool will
pass safety, functionality, and cleanliness inspections to make sure the entire property matches the asking price.

Rising Sun Pools & Spa, a trusted pool builder for more than 50 years, conducts pool inspections. Fill out a service request and we can inspect your pool before you list your home or before you buy one.

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For over 50 years, Rising Sun Pools & Spas has been the go-to choice for home and business owners in North Carolina for all their pool needs. We manage in-ground (vinyl,
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