5 Reasons You Should Install a Pool Cover

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5 Reasons You Should Install a Pool Cover

Pool covers do obvious things like protect against the elements and prevent you from having  to completely drain all of your water before you open your pool in spring. 


However, there are several less obvious (and compelling) reasons a pool cover is a spectacular idea for any pool owner.


In this blog, we discuss five compelling reasons to install a pool cover.


Reason 1: Less Evaporation


Although a pool cover cannot eliminate evaporation entirely, it certainly reduces it. The more water that stays in your pool, the less often you will have to refill it.


Water is not the only resource you’ll be saving, though. If you have a heated pool, less evaporation also means less heat loss. Thus, a tight pool cover will trap heat in your pool and conserve substantial energy.


Reason 2: Poolside Safety


Pool covers not only protect your pool water, but they also prevent people and pets from falling in when the pool is not in use.


Durable pool covers serve as a physical barrier, preventing accidental falls and drownings. Depending on the pool cover you get, it may be specifically designed to withstand large amounts of weight, making them safe for families with young children and pets. No more worrying about your kids playing too close to the pool edge!


In fact, the LOOP-LOC pool covers we offer our clients are strong enough to hold an elephant. Plus, they feature an unbreakable locking mechanism to keep your pool cover tight and secure.


Reason 3: Easier Maintenance


If you leave your pool free and open to the elements, you can expect a healthy amount of cleaning and maintenance. You will have to pick out all of the leaves, branches, debris, and bugs. You will have to vacuum your pool more often. And you will have to work harder to maintain balanced pool chemistry. 


A pool cover keeps out unwanted debris, cuts down on chemical usage by 35-60%, and reduces the need to vacuum and otherwise clean your pool.


Plus, ​​covering your pool when the sun is out hinders algae growth and increases the effectiveness of chlorine and other pool chemicals.


Reason 4: Extended Swimming Season


Offering excellent heat retention, a high-quality pool cover should offer enough insulation to allow you to trap heat in your pool water and swim late into fall.


Even if you rely on the sun to heat your swimming pool, using a pool cover when temperatures dip at night can still conserve enough heat for a swim the next day.


Reason 5: Cost Savings


And last but not least – the potential savings. As mentioned above, a pool cover will help you minimize water refills, pool heating, cleaning expenses, and pool chemicals. 


The combined savings will astonish you!



Rising Sun Pools – Raleigh, NC Swimming Pools


From the safety and extended swimming season to the efficiency and cost savings, a pool cover is a smart choice for any Raleigh, NC pool owner. Rising Sun Pools partners with numerous pool cover companies to provide high quality manual and automatic pool cover options.


PLUS, we offer a pool closing and opening service that makes it easy for you to winterize your pool and get it ready for summer.



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