Winter Covers vs. Safety Covers

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Winter Covers vs. Safety Covers

When those cold temperatures start to hit, you want to make sure your swimming pool is secured, covered, and protected properly. When summer rolls around, you will be able to clean it up easily and dive right in. Pool covers are used to keep your pool protected from debris and to add a layer of safety to your backyard area for your family. What kind of pool cover do you need to protect your pool? 

Winter Cover

A winter cover is a large tarp that covers your pool, protecting against damage. Winter covers help keep debris out of the pool. If you have a mesh cover, it may only keep out solid debris. Solid covers, however, can prevent additional water or even melted snow from getting into the pool. Winter covers also block sunlight, preventing evaporation and decreasing algae growth. They are quick and easy to install. However, they do not offer any other safety precautions.

Safety Cover

Safety covers protect your pool no matter the reason or the season. They protect the pool from debris, similar to winter covers, but especially in harsh weather conditions. If heavier debris such as limbs are wreaking havoc on the pool, a safety cover provides protection from the debris. They can also prevent children and pets from falling in. If the pool is covered in snow, they may run straight for it without realizing it. A safety cover helps prevent them from falling in the pool. Safety covers are more durable than winter covers and also more visually appealing. 

Mesh Safety Cover

Mesh safety covers act as a strainer in which rain and snow may fall into the pool, but leaves and debris are kept out. They are light and easy to handle, so if you will be installing or removing the cover on your own, this is an ideal choice. You will do less maintenance in the winter months because the rain and snow will pass through, so the cover will not need to be drained or pumped. They are less expensive than solid safety covers and have a longer life span if cared for properly. 

Solid Safety Cover

Solid safety covers keep mostly everything out of your pool, including extra water, so your pool is less likely to develop an algae issue. This means you will be able to start swimming sooner when you open your pool back up. UV light won’t get into your pool either, so you will use less chemicals and spend less on maintenance. However, you will need to remove debris from the cover and pump the standing water away. You may need a partner to help you install and remove your solid safety cover. 

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