Winter Covers vs. Safety Covers

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Winter Covers vs. Safety Covers

  • November 29, 2022
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When cold temperatures start to hit, you want to make sure your swimming pool is secured, covered, and protected properly. When summer rolls around, you should be able to clean your pool easily and dive right in. 

Pool covers – from winter covers to mesh safety covers and solid safety covers – are used to keep your pool protected from debris and add a layer of safety to your backyard area. With the proper swimming pool cover, you can significantly extend your pool’s lifespan.

But…what’s the difference between each type of cover? And what kind of pool cover do you need to protect your pool?

Winter Cover

A winter cover is a large tarp that covers your pool, protecting against cold damage. 

You have a couple of different options when it comes to winter pool covers. Winter mesh covers are generally the more affordable option. But, unlike mesh covers, winter solid covers help keep ALL unwanted debris out of your pool. Solid covers can also prevent additional water (rainwater, groundwater, or even melted snow) from getting into the pool. 

Winter covers also block sunlight – preventing evaporation and decreasing algae growth. They are quick and easy to install and are designed to make the next year’s pool opening process much easier. However, most winter covers DO NOT offer any other safety precautions.

Winter covers come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials – for both in-ground pools and above-ground pools.

Safety Cover

Safety covers protect your pool no matter the reason or the season. 

Similar to solid covers, safety covers protect your pool from practically all debris. However, they are uniquely built to withstand and provide protection amid especially harsh weather conditions.

If substantial heavy debris – such as tree limbs – are wreaking havoc on your pool, a safety cover provides the reliable, secure protection you need. Although they generally have a slightly higher price tag, safety covers tend to be more durable AND more visually appealing than winter covers.

One of the main benefits (and the primary purpose) of a pool safety cover is that it prevents children, pets, and any other bystanders from falling in. This is especially important if the pool is ever covered in snow. A child or pet might run straight for the pool without realizing it.

And, yes, safety covers CAN be used as winter covers.

Mesh Safety Cover

Mesh safety covers act as a strainer – sifting out leaves and debris while allowing rain and snow to seep through into the pool. 

Mesh covers are light and relatively easy to handle, so if you plan to install or remove your cover on your own, this is the ideal choice. Made of a UV-enhanced weave, mesh covers keep out most harmful sunlight that causes algae build-up.

A mesh safety cover also comes with fewer maintenance requirements than solid safety covers. When it rains or snows during the off-season, no problem! The water will just filter through into your pool – no need to drain or pump your cover. However, mesh covers tend to wear out more quickly and have a smaller lifespan than solid covers.

Solid Safety Cover

Solid safety covers are practically impenetrable, keeping EVERYTHING out of your pool – including extra water – and protecting your pool from harmful algae development. 

This means your pool water will be healthier and cleaner come springtime, and you will be able to start swimming sooner when you are ready to open your pool back up. Plus, solid safety covers also offer total protection from harmful UV light – requiring you to use fewer chemicals and spend less on maintenance. 

However, you will need to remove any debris or standing water that collects on your cover. Solid covers are also pretty heavy, so you may need to recruit a partner to help you install and remove it during opening and closing seasons. 

OR you can call the technicians over at Rising Sun Pools & Spas – we offer hassle-free pool closing and opening services in Raleigh, NC that include cover removal and much more!

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