The Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Pool Open for the Winter

To close or not to close your pool. That is the question for many pool owners as the winter months approach. There are advantages and disadvantages to keeping it open, but ultimately, you can decide the best choice for you. Below are some of the pros and cons of keeping your pool open year-round.

The pros:

  1. When a pool is closed for the season, more work is required to open it in the spring, since it has been left mostly untouched for months. Algae growth, in particular, is more likely to occur when the pool is closed. By leaving your pool open, you have more opportunities to keep it clean instead of waiting to do everything at once in the spring.
  2. You will not need to spend money on a pool cover or materials to winterize your pool.
  3. Pools are beautiful to look at during all months of the year. For many, listening to the moving water of the pool is peaceful and relaxing.
  4. You can extend your swimming season if your pool is heated.

The cons:

  1. One of the biggest cons to keeping your pool open during the winter is the risk of damage to pool equipment. If the power is lost, the water in the pool’s plumbing and filter system can freeze, leading to damaged equipment which can be expensive to fix.
  2. You will have to account for additional electricity costs. Although most pool owners now have low-speed options on their pumps, several extra months of electric and water usage can cost up to a few hundred dollars in most cases.
  3. You will have to spend more money on chemicals since you will be using them year-round.
  4. More maintenance will be required. You will need to clean the pool of dirt and debris, like leaves, and test the water regularly to ensure that it is properly balanced.

Contact us for more information about whether you should close your pool for winter or keep it open. We can help you make the right choice for you!