5 Benefits of Swimming in Heated Pools

Steam Rising from Heated Swimming Pool with Concrete Deck

5 Benefits of Swimming in Heated Pools

Owning a swimming pool already comes with plenty of perks —you can enjoy using your pool in Raleigh during the summer and early fall months, when the weather is warm enough for swimming.

But having a heated swimming pool on your property? It has even more benefits.

Heated pools aren’t just a relaxing fixture in your yard. Rising Sun Pools & Spas is here to share the benefits of investing in a heated above-ground pool in Raleigh.

Enjoy the Various Health Benefits of Heated Pools

We can’t talk about heated pools without discussing their multiple health benefits. 

Avoid Cold Shock

Diving into cold water can shock your body and leave you shivering. It could also decrease the health benefits of swimming in your pool by making your joints feel stiff, worsening existing respiratory problems, and simply causing discomfort. Prevent all this by installing an above ground, or in ground heated pool.

Improve Your Blood Circulation

Taking a dip in heated above-ground or in-ground heated pools— regardless of the season — is an effective way to improve your blood circulation. This is because the warm water in heated pools helps your blood vessels expand, therefore making more space for blood to flow easily through your circulatory system.

Improve Your Breathing Patterns

Swimming is generally recommended for people who want to improve their lung capacity and those who want to manage any existing respiratory problems.

Swimming is an excellent physical exercise that strengthens the lungs and improves breathing patterns. Heated pools make swimming activities more comfortable even when it’s cold, so you don’t have to pause your regular


Loosen Up Your Joints and Muscles

You don’t need to go to the gym every day just to stretch your muscles and keep joint problems at bay. If you have a heated pool at home, you can comfortably do water aerobics and other water exercises anytime. You’re sure to get a good workout in the pool regardless of the weather. Also, warm water effectively relaxes the muscles and reduces joint and back pain.

Relieve Stress and Mental Strain

A hot shower is often the easiest and quickest way to wind down after a long day. Go one step further by taking a dip in your heated pool after a particularly stressful or hectic day. Heated pools keep you warm even during the fall and winter seasons, too, so it helps you relax and decompress anytime.

If you’re looking for a subtle and effortless way to improve your overall health and well-being, heated pools are the way to go.

Spend More Quality Time With Family and Friends

Heated pools ensure that you can extend the quality time you spend in the pool with family and friends. You don’t have to rush back inside during chilly nights for fear of catching a cold. You can also keep hosting pool parties during the colder seasons.

As a result, you can spend more quality time with loved ones in the comfort of your home. You can catch up with each other and relax together without the distraction of phones and tablets.

Swim Whenever You Want During the Day Or Night

One of the perks of having your own swimming pool is that you can use it anytime you want. With a heated pool, in particular, you can swim even during odd hours — from the crack of dawn to way past midnight. It doesn’t matter whether the outdoor temperature is cold because the heated pool will always be welcoming and cozy.

In that regard, you might also want to install pool lights to enjoy swimming pool activities long after the sun goes down.

Have a Longer, More Comfortable Swim Season

Who says you have to pack up your swimsuits and wait for summer before you can start using your pool again?

Heated pools allow you to enjoy a longer, more comfortable swim season. In fact, the entire year can be a swim season if you install a heated pool.

You also get a higher return on investment if you install a heated pool that remains warm and comfortable all year round — you get to use it so much more often than a regular swimming pool.

Boost Your Residential Property Value

A well-designed and well-maintained swimming pool boosts home value. And when combined with a decadent landscape, it can be considered a luxury.

So, imagine investing in a heated pool with more perks than the average swimming pool- a definite and more significant boost in value for your property.

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