5 Health Benefits Of Swimming In A Heated Pool

Owning a swimming pool comes with plenty of perks, but owning a heated swimming pool comes with even more added benefits. Sure, being able to enjoy your above ground pools Raleigh year-round is an obvious added bonus, but what if we told you there were five health benefits to add to that as well? Rising Sun Pools And Spas is here to share with you five added benefits to investing in heated above ground pools Raleigh:

Relaxes Muscles And Joints

Pools are a great way to help joint problems through water aerobics and other pool-related exercises. Heated pools allow you to get a good workout in no matter what the weather temps, and the heat is great for relaxing muscles after a hard day of work. For arthritis sufferers, swimming in warm water is proven to reduce pain in your joints and back.

Improves Blood Circulation

Swimming in heated above ground pools Raleigh, no matter the season, is a great way to improve your blood circulation. In addition to being able to exercise through swimming, the warm water helps your circulatory system expand.

Relieves Stress

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a dip in a heated pool in the fall or winter months. Swimming during the winter can also help combat depression and seasonal affective disorder.

Avoids Cold Shock

Swimming in cold water can shock your body and decrease the health benefits your pool offers. Cold water can worsen respiratory problems, make your joints stiffer, and is simply uncomfortable. Heated above ground pools Raleigh lets you take advantage of your pool no matter the time of day or year.

Improves Breathing

If you experience respiratory problems or want to improve your lung capacity, swimming in a heated pool can help you. Swimming, in general, is a great way to improve your lung capacity, but you’ll need a heated pool to reap the benefits throughout the whole year.

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