7 Essential Pool Maintenance Tips Every Owner Should Know

Pool skimmer net sitting next to a pool

7 Essential Pool Maintenance Tips Every Owner Should Know

Pool maintenance is no simple feat. Many pool owners don’t initially realize the amount of work that goes into up-keeping an above-ground or in-ground pool.


But, routine pool care is essential for…


– Water safety

– Pool cleanliness

– Pool system longevity

– And more


If only every pool owner was given a pool maintenance handbook when they install a pool!


Although this blog is no handbook, our team of swimming pool experts put together a list of the top 7 tips we think pool owners need to have in their back pocket.


1. When you buy a pool, you become a chemist.


No, we are not saying you have to pull out your old chemistry textbook. 


BUT there are several chemicals you will need to test and adjust on a regular basis. You’ll need to become familiar with the appropriate levels of pH, chlorine, total alkalinity, stabilizer, calcium, and metals.


Read more about pool chemistry basics.


2. Become well-acquainted with your skimmer.


Cleaning is by far the most time-consuming part of pool ownership. But it is definitely not a step you can afford to bypass. If you let grime and debris build up, cleaning will be even more challenging, you will throw off your water chemistry, and you may even cause damage to your pool system. 


To keep on top of your pool cleanliness, you are going to need to skim your pool water for debris daily. You can use an automatic skimmer or manual net..


Learn what else you need to do to keep your pool clean.


3. Moving water is healthy water.


Circulation. Circulation. Circulation.


The more your water moves around the pool, the less likely you’ll be to face an issue with algae growth (which can lead to a range of other problems). 


To ensure good water circulation, you will need to keep debris out of your filters and pumps. Your routine skimming should help with this, but you will need to clear out and replace filters from time to time.


More about pool circulation.


4. Water level has a greater impact than you think.


If your pool water is too low, your skimmer will begin pulling air into your filter.


That may not seem like a big problem, but it can lead to pump failure. Replacing a pool pump can get costly, so refilling your pool as needed and checking for leaks is a must.


5. Invest in a high quality pool cover.


Pool covers are critical for poolside safety and winter protection. But the right pool cover can also make it easier to clean your pool and maintain your water level. Providing a barrier between your pool water and the elements, good pool covers reduce evaporation and keep out dirt and debris. 


What else can a pool cover do for you?


6. Know proper winter upkeep.


Whether or not you should close your pool during winter depends on a few factors – whether your pool is heated, how much you want to spend on chemicals and maintenance, etc. You’ll need to craft a winter plan no matter which route you take. 


If you close your pool, you will need to lower your pool water level, use winterizing chemicals, and get a winter pool cover. 


Yet, if you keep your pool open, you’ll need to maintain your warm season maintenance regimen and run your pump more regularly to prevent water from freezing.


More on preparing your pool for winter.


7. Hire a reliable maintenance company.


Keeping up with all the cleaning and chemical requirements of your pool can be time-consuming and take the fun out of pool ownership. If you don’t have that kind of time – or would simply rather spend your free time actually ENJOYING your pool – consider hiring an experienced pool maintenance company to manage your pool upkeep for you! Rising Sun Pools offers weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or as-needed maintenance and cleaning services. Schedule cleaning service here.


Rising Sun Pools – Pool Maintenance & Water Testing in Raleigh, NC


At Rising Sun Pools, we don’t just build our clients amazing pools and leave them hanging. From our pool maintenance and cleaning services to our FREE water testing app, we provide everything our clients need to enjoy a clean, comfortable pool environment for decades.


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