Rising Sun Pools Goes Beyond Pool Installation: Our Raleigh Pool Service

Getting the pool of your dreams can become a reality with Rising Sun Pools & Spas. You may think that upkeep will prevent you from achieving the pool of your dreams. We’re here to tell you that this is not true! Our swimming pool service Raleigh, NC can keep you and your family happy and healthy. Let’s go into more detail about what our services include!

Maintenance & Cleaning

The best part about our maintenance plan is that you get to choose how frequently we come to clean your pool or hot tub! Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time pool cleaning services. Our complete services include:

  • Pool vacuuming
  • Skimming the surface of the pool
  • Cleaning pool baskets
  • Backwashing the pool filter
  • On-site water testing
  • Addition of pool chemicals
  • Brushing tile line
  • Minor pool repairs
  • Delivery of necessary pool chemicals & seasonal chemical bundles

With our maintenance plan, your pool will be clean and ready for use at any time! This plan is ideal for busy families who need a reliable swimming pool service Raleigh, NC.

Cold Weather Around the Corner? Check Out Our Closing Services

With fall around the bend, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll close down the pool after the summer season ends. Our swimming pool service Raleigh, NC includes closing services! During our pool closing visit, our technicians will:

  • Install the pool cover
  • Winterize the pool filter system
  • Add winterizing chemicals
  • Remove ladder and handrails upon request
  • Additional services are available at a discounted rate

Rising Sun Pools and Spas | Raleigh, NC

At Rising Sun Pools, we believe pool maintenance goes beyond the summer months. Caring for your pool year-round is our passion. To learn more about our swimming pool service Raleigh, NC or to get in touch with one of our experienced technicians, visit our website.