How to Keep Your Pool Clean & Clear All Summer

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How to Keep Your Pool Clean & Clear All Summer

With sporadic summer rainstorms and windblown debris, maintaining a clean and clear pool is no simple task. But doing so is essential to your pool health.


Not only does a well-maintained pool look and feel great, but adequate maintenance also extends your pool’s usable lifespan. And by keeping your pool clean and chemically balanced, you ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who use your pool.


In this blog, we discuss the basics of summer pool maintenance, from balancing pool chemicals to maintaining good water circulation.


Summer Pool Maintenance: The Basics


There are three primary components of effective summer pool maintenance: routine cleaning, water chemistry, and water circulation.


Regular Pool-Cleaning


Cleaning your pool is one of the necessary evils of pool ownership. However, the more often you clean your pool, the less time and effort it will take in the grand scheme of things. 


Skim (once per day) – Removing the debris (leaves, bugs, clippings, etc.) from the water’s surface daily will make it easier to keep up with pool maintenance. You can use an automatic skimmer built into your pump OR a manual net or leaf rake. 


Brush the pool walls and floor (once per day) – To prevent algae build-up, scaling, and staining, you will want to incorporate thorough brushings into your day-to-day routine. Use a pool brush with a long handle to scrub the pool floor and walls, particularly the areas along the wall where the pool water surfaces.


Vacuum (once per week) – Debris will inevitably accumulate on the pool floor, no matter how much skimming you do. Too much debris at the bottom of your pool can impact water circulation and even cause long-term damage to your pool.


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Proper Water Chemistry


To ensure your pool water remains safe for a swim all summer long, chemical balancing has to be one of your top priorities.


Check and balance chemicals (once per week) – There are several levels you need to monitor closely, including total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, stabilizer, chlorine, and metals. And fortunately, Rising Sun Pools makes it easy to stay on top of pool water chemistry with our easy-to-use water testing app. Navigate to the Rising Sun Pools water testing web app for recommended dosages and pool treatment instructions.


Shock your pool (every other week) – On a related note, you must “shock” your pool from time to time. “Shocking” refers to the process of overloading your pool water with sanitizer to kill off lingering contaminants, bacteria, and organic matter.


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Controlled Water Circulation


Stagnant water almost always means algae growth. Unless your filtration system is working properly and moving water around consistently, your pool will not stay clean. 


There are a few things you can do to keep water circulating during summer months:


Run your pump (a minimum of 8-12 hours per day) – The more you use your filtration system, the cleaner your pool and water will be. To calculate the precise amount of time you need to run your pump daily for YOUR specific pool, divide your pool’s water (gallons) by your pump’s flow rate (gallons per hour).


Clean and backwash the filter (as needed) – Keep a close eye on your pump gauge. If it rises about 10 lbs or more (about 10-15 psi) above the normal reading, you need to backwash and clean your filter. And depending on the type of filtration system you have, you may need to replace the filter from time to time.


Unclog your skimmer basket (once per week) – Debris and insects can clog up your pool’s skimmer basket, making it work harder to keep your pool water clean. Before you remove the basket, make sure you turn off your pump.


BONUS TIP: Try angling your pool jets downward, away from your skimmer. This will keep water moving in a circular motion and allow your skimmer and filtration system to work most efficiently.


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With adequate cleaning, chemical monitoring, and water circulation, your pool will be attractive and safe all summer long.

However, we realize keeping on top of all these maintenance requirements is easier said than done, especially when you have summer plans and trips on the calendar. To save time and to ensure your pool environment is healthy and safe for family and guests, hire a Rising Sun Pools professional to keep your pool up to snuff.


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