Where to Find Reliable Pool Parts & Chemical Testing in Raleigh, NC


Reliable Pool Parts And Chemicals Raleigh, NC

Taking proper care of a backyard swimming pool is no small task. From the water chemistry to regular preventative maintenance, there is a lot to monitor!


It can be challenging to track down the high quality chemicals and parts necessary to keep your pool running efficiently and safely. Fortunately, Rising Sun Pools is your 1-stop-shop for pool parts, equipment, and chemicals in Raleigh, North Carolina, providing EVERYTHING you need to maintain your pool in one place.


No stress. No hassle. No worries!


Rising Sun Pools – Chemicals & Equipment


Rising Sun Pools carries its own private line of premium quality pool and spa chemicals. We have everything from pool balancers and specialized treatments to spa sanitizers and chlorine – all specially designed to maximize your pool health. Not only can you purchase chemicals in all three of our stores, but you can also order your chemicals online.


You can even check your salt and chemical levels by bringing in a sample of your pool water for in-store testing. This is the best way to ensure accurate water testing results. After testing your water, our pool chemistry experts will recommend the precise products you need to maintain a clean, balanced pool.


In addition to chemicals, Rising Sun Pools carries a variety of Hayward pool equipment – including pool pumps, filtration systems, pool heaters, automation products, and pool cleaners. Hayward parts are known for their superior performance AND energy efficiency, saving pool owners large amounts of money on their year-to-year pool maintenance requirements. Plus, we offer a 3-year warranty on ALL of our Hayward equipment.


Need pool equipment that is tough, tested, and proven? We also carry a range of parts from the widely trusted Jandy supplier.


Looking for pool toys and pool maintenance supplies? We have them! Need a pool cover? We’ve got you covered there, too!

Learn more about Rising Sun Pools Chemicals & Equipment here.

Rising Sun Pools Water Testing App


But don’t certain chemicals need to be tested and adjusted on a weekly basis?


Yes! Chemicals like pH, chlorine, total alkalinity, and stabilizer should be checked weekly (and possibly even a few times a week).


We know that you cannot realistically make it to our store for water testing every week. That is exactly why we created the Rising Sun Pools water testing app, an easy-to-use app through our website that helps you make sure you’re treating your pool correctly. Through the app you can receive expert dosage and treatment recommendations and keep track of previous water treatments and chemical adjustments


Just grab some Rising Sun Pool Insta-Test 4 plus test strips, navigate to the app webpage on your phone or computer, follow the instructions on the webpage. Then, take those recommendations to our online chemical store, and order precisely what you need!

Want to add the Rising Sun Pools water testing app to your Android or iPhone? Follow these instructions.

We Also Offer Pool Maintenance & Repair!


To prevent damage and keep your pool clean and operationally safe, regular preventative maintenance (and likely the occasional replacement or repair) is necessary. Rising Sun Pools offers all of the maintenance and repair services you may need for your swimming pool, hot tub, or spa.


These services include…


Rising Sun Pools – 1-Stop-Shop For Everything Pool in Raleigh, NC

Ready to simplify your pool maintenance process? Choose Rising Sun Pools as your all-in-one pool product and service provider, today!