Avoid Damage to Your Pool with These Tips

A lot of work and effort goes into keeping a pool beautiful, clean, and new-looking, and it doesn’t go unnoticed! Here at Rising Sun Pools, a swimming pool service Raleigh NC, we can help you keep your pool looking spiffy year-round. Keep reading to learn some easy ways to keep your pool from getting damaged.

Keep Sharp Objects Away From Pool Area

There’s a reason most public pools don’t allow glass on the deck. Not only is it dangerous if the glass were to break, but it can also damage the pool lining and the pipes and filters if it happens to get sucked into one. If you like to dive for rocks or bricks, just make sure they have a thick coating over them to cover any sharp corners or edges.

Make Sure There’s No Debris in Your Skimmers or Brushes

Brushes and skimmers can be used to clean your pool, but they can also damage the pool if they aren’t cleaned often. You can clean them with a hose and disinfect them with bleach or a bleach alternative. You can also use rubber gloves to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself! You can get these tools and more at Rising Sun Pools, a swimming pool service Raleigh NC.

Keep the Pool Chemicals Level

Keeping your pool chemicals at a healthy level can help to keep your liner and siding look good. If your chemicals are too low, it can cause algae growth and green water. If they’re too high, it can cause lung and eye irritation, cause your lining to corrode away faster, and evoke asthma attacks. If you want to make sure your chemicals are level, bring your water to Rising Sun Pools!

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