When’s The Best Time To Reopen Your Pool in Raleigh, NC?

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When’s The Best Time To Reopen Your Pool in Raleigh, NC?

Raleigh, North Carolina, receives an average of six inches of snow in winter. Most homeowners with pools close down their pools for those freezing months—no one will
swim in ice-cold water anyway.
A pool calculator will tell you the right time to winterize your pool or cover it up for the next few months. The rule of thumb is to close it down when the temperature dips
below 50℉.
Now that the weather is turning and spring has rolled in, how do you know when to open the pool back up again?

The Right Time To Reopen Your Pool

With the temperatures getting warm again, you may be chomping at the bit to go for a dip in your pool. You don’t have to wait for a specific day to come; it’s about the
Experts say when daytime temperatures hit 70℉ for several consecutive days, you can open up your pool for use.
You shouldn’t wait too long to open your pool. Here are reasons why it’s better to open it as early as you can:


Pool algae results from poor filtration and water circulation accompanied by out-of-balance water. Algae also appears when the temperature increases and the pool
remains covered. Opening up the pool during the spring will prevent this from happening.


Spring is pollen season, and you will find them everywhere. Because pollen is so small, some may get into the pool even with the cover on. Pollen accumulates quickly in
stagnant water and may be difficult to clean.
When the pool is open, pollen will be easily filtered out.


Beauty is not the most important thing when it comes to opening and closing the pool.
However, opening it at the right time means you will maximize the time to display its beauty.


When you open your pool in time for spring, your family and friends can have more time to enjoy it. Many may consider spring too cold to swim outdoors, but with
ever-changing temperatures, you can find opportunities to take a fun little dip long before summer!


If you feel it’s too cold to swim in early spring, you can do a bit of housekeeping and deep clean your pool to prepare it for summer.
Make sure to call a professional cleaning and maintenance service to ensure your pool is clean and entirely safe to open back up again.

Get Your Raleigh, NC Pool for Ready for Pool Season With Rising Pools & Spas

Deciding when and how to open your pool after winterizing can be tricky. Allow professional pool service technicians to skillfully open your pool and get it ready for the summer.
Submit a service request so you can take a dip anytime you want as soon as the Raleigh weather cooperates! Contact us today!


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