8 Things You Can Do To Make a Pool Sustainable

A beautiful sustainable swimming pool

8 Things You Can Do To Make a Pool Sustainable

Outdoor swimming pools are great! They offer a relaxing escape and a place to exercise. They bring family and friends together and so much more, but they aren’t exactly known for being sustainable or eco-friendly. 


Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to design and maintain an environmentally conscious swimming pool in your backyard:


Get a quality pool cover

A high quality pool cover significantly reduces evaporation and the number of water refills you need. If you have a heated pool, the cover will also trap in heat. When you  go for a swim, your heater doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain your ideal water temperature. 


Be conservative with your pool pump

A large majority of your pool maintenance costs go to your pump. Most pool experts suggest running your pool pump at least 8 hours each day. To save energy, avoid exceeding 8 hours. And when off-season comes, reduce your pump run-time to 4 hours a day. You may even consider incorporating a variable speed pump designed for energy efficiency.


Opt for solar heating

Let the sun do the hard work for you! Solar pool heaters have quickly become one of the most popular features in the swimming pool community. And most heaters have timers so you can really maximize your energy use.


Fix leaks promptly

Lingering swimming pool leaks waste water, cause your system to run less efficiently, and leave you with a high electricity bill. Keep an eye out for a few warning signs, including cracks or puddles around the pool, unsteady chemical levels, algae growth, and discolored water.


Clean your water filter regularly

A debris-free water filter is essential for properly functioning pool equipment. Plus, it reduces the amount of chemicals you need to add to keep your pool water clean and safe. Looking for the most eco-friendly filter? Cartridge filters are your best bet!


Consider saltwater instead of chlorine

Not only can chlorine impact human eyes, hair, and skin, but it can also have a negative impact on the animals and plants around your pool. There are a couple of possible fixes to this: switch over to saltwater OR look into non-chlorine cleaning alternatives.


Keep your pool filled year-round

Instead of draining your pool each winter, keep your pool filled. This reduces water waste and saves on the energy required to drain and refill your pool. Plus, it will better preserve your pool condition during the off-season.


Use LED lighting

Modern LED lighting lasts 5 times longer than typical halogen lighting. You don’t have to replace them as often AND they are a lot brighter and clearer. Make sure you switch the lights off when you don’t need them.


Fortunately, if Rising Sun Pools builds your pool, you are already getting the most energy-efficient pool in the industry. Our base standard equipment centers on efficiency and functionality and is top-of-the-line in the pool industry. You also have many upgrade options available to help you make the most out of your pool experience.


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