How a Pool Equipment Upgrade Boosts Energy Efficiency

Pool Equipment Energy Efficiency

How a Pool Equipment Upgrade Boosts Energy Efficiency

Pool ownership will be epic, they said…and it was, until you started receiving those massive energy bills! Luckily, pool technology has become far more energy-efficient than it used to be.  With these six pool equipment upgrades, you can cut those costs by more than half AND minimize your pool’s environmental impact.



1. Pump


Ditch that single-speed pump like a bad swimsuit. Variable-speed pumps are the new wave, running smarter, not harder, based on your pool’s actual needs.


Although they come with a higher initial price tag, variable-speed pumps are ABSOLUTELY worth the cost. They can save pool owners up to 75% (if not more) on pool energy costs.


In fact, these modern pumps are so effective that the Department of Energy started requiring all new pump manufacturers to include variable-speed capabilities back in July 2021. So, the next time you repair or update your pool, odds are your contractor will upgrade your pump, as well!


Pro Tip: If you have (or get) a variable speed pump, don’t forget to apply for a rebate from Duke Energy for some extra savings!



2. Filter


Your pool’s filter may not be the most obvious energy-waster. Yet, the type of filter you have can make a world of difference for the energy demands on your pool pump.


The traditional sand filter is the least “green” choice. Your pool pump has to work extremely hard to push water through the filter’s dense barrier of sand – and even more so as it captures more and more dirt and debris.


These days, pool owners have more options, including…


– Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters: You won’t find a filter that cleans water better than a DE filter! The downside? It requires more on the maintenance end.


– Cartridge filters: The most common choice, cartridge filters use a special pleated material to clean your water efficiently (but they don’t require near the amount of maintenance as DE filters).


Remember, larger water filters are almost always the way to go. Offering a greater surface area to filter water through, they place less strain on your pump, saving you money and extending your pump’s lifespan.



3. Heater


Pumps aren’t the only pool equipment that uses far too much energy. Outdated gas and electric heaters can be almost as bad. 


There are currently two major solutions… 


– Upgraded electric heat pumps: Uniquely designed to utilize existing ambient heat, newer electric heat pumps can more easily (and reliably) maintain warm water temperatures.


– Solar heating: Now much less expensive than they used to be, solar heating systems convert sunlight into heat, extending your pool season and achieving remarkable cost savings. 


4. Pool Automation System


You’ve heard of the Ring doorbell, right? Well, the same kind of remote monitoring technology is now available for residential swimming pools. With a nifty smart controller, you can now manage your pool’s water temperature, equipment, and chemical adjustments from the palm of your hand.



5. Pool Cover


A high quality pool cover reduces evaporation and traps in heat when your pool’s not being used, working wonders for your month-to-month energy usage. This is especially true if you go with a solid pool cover.


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6. Lighting


Swap those energy-guzzling incandescent lights for sleek LEDs. They use 80% less energy, last three times longer, and might even score you some sweet rebates from your utility company. Plus, LED lighting frankly does a better job illuminating your pool, anyway!



Upgrade Your Pool Equipment With Rising Sun Pools!


Ready to dive into savings and eco-friendly fun? Rising Sun Pools has been building beautiful, energy-efficient pools for over 50 years. Whether you want a simple upgrade or a full pool makeover, we’ve got the tools and the expertise to make your pool dreams a reality. Contact us today for a quote.



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