Is a Solid Pool Cover Right For You?

Loop Loc Solid Pool Cover

Is a Solid Pool Cover Right For You?

As a pool owner, you have a few options when it comes to protecting your pool (and bystanders) when not in use. You could go with a basic tarp winter cover to block out sun and minimize debris. Or you might choose something a little more secure, like a mesh or solid pool cover. 


In this blog, we focus primarily on the solid pool cover option, describing its unique advantages and disadvantages.



Benefits of Solid Pool Covers


Enhanced safety: Forget flimsy tarps! Solid covers are security blankets, keeping curious kiddos, clumsy pets, and adventurous squirrels high and dry. No more panicked rescue missions, just peace of mind.


Unrivaled UV protection: Unlike leaky tarps, these bad boys block 100% of those nasty UV rays that bleach your pool and wreak havoc on your chemicals. Springtime opening? Easy-peasy with less chemical madness.


Algae prevention: Say goodbye to green goo! Completely protected against the elements, you can expect little to no algae growth all off-season long.


Superior debris defense: Leaves, twigs, pollen, they all get the “no trespassing” sign with a solid cover. Your pool stays sparkling, even when nature throws a tantrum.


Winterizing advantages: They’re not only safety covers! Solid covers double as winter warriors, protecting your pool against harsh, freezing weather.


Heat retention: Want to extend your swimming season? Solid covers trap in heat like a pro, making your pool a toasty haven even when the air turns chilly.


Easier pool opening: When the sun finally peeks out, your pool won’t be a swampy mess. Solid covers keep it relatively clean, so opening day is a breeze (think piña coladas, not pool skimming!).



Drawbacks of Solid Pool Covers


Higher cost: Let’s be real, these covers cost a bit more than their mesh cousins. But hey, think of it as an investment in your pool’s future (and your sanity)!


Water accumulation: When it rains, your cover might become a mini lake. But fear not! This problem is easily solvable with a cover pump or mesh drain panels.


Maintenance: Yes, even the best pool cover needs a little TLC. But don’t worry, it’s not brain surgery. A quick blast with a leaf blower every now and then keeps everything in tip top shape.



The Verdict


Look, every pool is different, and so are its needs. But if you’re looking for a top-notch, all-season protector that prioritizes safety, cleanliness, and long-term savings, a solid pool cover might just be your summer (and winter) dream come true!


Bonus Tip: At Rising Sun Pools, we’re Loop Loc fanatics! These covers are top-of-the-line, built to last, and keep your pool safe and sparkling year-round. Plus, we offer pool-closing and opening services, so you can ditch the DIY stress and focus on the fun stuff (like planning your next pool party!).



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