Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

As a pool owner, you will likely make a few maintenance mistakes when taking care of your pool. Becoming familiar with some of the most common pool maintenance mistakes will help you avoid them and keep your pool safe, clean, and running efficiently. 

Adding Shock Directly Into Water

Pool shock is essentially concentrated chlorine, which can bleach anything that enters the pool if the concentration is too high. If you add shock directly to your pool water, it could be disastrous to pools with a vinyl liner. The shock granules will sink to the bottom and bleach the liner, causing it to become brittle and frail and eventually leading to leaks. The chemical should be pre-dissolved in a bucket of water beforehand to allow the shock to disperse more evenly, protecting your pool walls, floor, and liner. Always add chemicals to water, never water to chemicals. 


Backwashing the Filter Too Often

Backwashing cleans the media inside your filter, whether it be sand or diatomaceous earth. Pool water washes the grime out of the filter media and exits through the filter’s backwash valve drain port. However, you must make sure not to overdo it. Right after you give your filter a backwashing, take note of the pressure gauge. The appropriate baseline for optimal filter performance is between 10 and 15 pounds per square inch.


Adding Pool Shock Through the Skimmer

Avoid adding pool shock through your skimmer at all costs. Combining calcium hypochlorite or dichlor pool shock and chlorine creates a deadly gas. If you have an automatic chlorinator attached to your filter system and you pour the shock into the skimmer, the two chemicals will combine and result in an explosion, blowing up your filter system. Keep your pool shock and your skimmer far apart. 


Ignoring pH and Alkalinity Levels

If your pool has a low pH, it is very acidic, which can damage your pool equipment, including your vinyl liner, pool pump and filter, maintenance equipment, heater, chemical feeder, etc. You must ensure that the acidity and alkalinity of your pool’s water are balanced to keep the pH stable. Many things can skew water chemistry, so test your pool water regularly. 


Not Brushing the Pool

In order for your pool to look its best, you need to give it a good brushing. Even if you vacuum your pool regularly, brushing it afterwards pays off. Make sure to get the hard to reach areas, like the steps, stairs, corners, water line, and behind ladders. Brushing your pool at least once a week will keep algae and other unwanted substances at bay.


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