Our Favorite Concrete Pool Shapes

Rising Sun Pools freeform concrete pool

Our Favorite Concrete Pool Shapes

  • September 7, 2023
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One of the biggest perks of concrete pools is the ability to build them into whatever shape you want! The design possibilities are seemingly endless. 


Here are some of our favorite concrete pool shapes:


Freeform pool

1. Freeform

It’s called freeform because there are essentially no rules and no geometric pattern. Pool designers build freeform pools to fit the unique contours and layout of the home or yard. This customizability makes the style a perfect choice for homeowners installing a pool in an asymmetrical space.


L-Shaped Pool

2. L-Shaped

Sporting a more contemporary look, L-shaped pools are designed to hug the corner of a house, outdoor kitchen, or patio. Just imagine it! There’s nothing sweeter than lounging in a nice shaded patio amid the beautiful ripples and reflections of the water.


Rectangle pool

3. Classic Rectangle

You can’t go wrong with a standard rectangular swimming pool – especially if you use swimming as a form of exercise. Rectangle pools are fantastic for kids, offering plenty of space for play and no dangerous corners to smack into. Plus, they look nice in just about any backyard!


Kidney-shaped Pool

4. Kidney

Why would you want a pool shaped like a kidney bean? A common type of freeform pool, the kidney shape creates a smooth, retro look and blends well into any landscape. They provide plenty of space for kids to play and NO sharp edges. 


Geometric Pool

5. Geometric

Sharp and sleek, geometric pools take the cake when it comes to contemporary style. Geometric pools bring a special artistry to an outdoor oasis, incorporating a variety of rectangles, squares, and even triangles.


Roman Pool

6. Roman

We can’t forget about Roman-styled pools! Essentially rectangular pools with embellishments on either end, these pools embody royalty and grandeur. That’s why we call them “Roman.” With the right backyard design, these pools are breathtaking!


Rising Sun Pools – Stunning Concrete Pools in Raleigh, NC

Ultimately, the perfect concrete pool shape depends on your unique style, space, and how you plan to use your pool. And the Rising Sun Pools team has done it all. We’ve built pools of every shape, from freeform pools to geometric. 


Want to build a stunning concrete pool in the Raleigh area? We are the team for you! 


Contact us today!



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