Why Concrete Pools Are Our Most Popular Choice

Concrete pool in the backyard of a luxury home.

Why Concrete Pools Are Our Most Popular Choice

Eager to have some fun in the sun while soaking in the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted? If you’re looking for a good combination of durability and design versatility, your best option would be the in-ground concrete pool. But what exactly is this?

A concrete pool is an in-ground swimming pool made with a dry mix using gunite or a wet concrete mix using the shotcrete method. Professional pool builders lay out frames and support as a solid foundation before concrete application. After allowing the concrete to cure for at least 28 days, the pool is good to go.

At Rising Sun Pools, we feature various pool types, but the concrete pool remains our most popular option. Keep reading to find out why!


The Structural Benefits of Concrete Pools are Unmatched

Few things can compare to the structural integrity of concrete swimming pools. Construction usually involves the shotcrete method, which creates a dense pool surface with notably low permeability and porosity. As such, your in-ground pool is less likely to break, and it will have no problem preserving its beauty and quality for years.

Another note about the structural integrity of concrete pools is that you can ensure that the in-ground swimming pool can serve its purpose for a long time.

So, your careful research about the pool foundation and your initial investment will be worth the lifetime usage — especially during hot summer days when you just want to splash around, soak in the water, and have fun with family and friends.


Design Customization and Flexibility are Already a Given

In-ground concrete pools are constructed on-site — your choices aren’t limited to a few shapes, sizes, depths, and designs. With a professional swimming pool builder, you can explore endless possibilities and decide on what best caters to the needs of your household and which design can give your property value the highest boost.

This flexibility in pool design means you can even have a car-shaped pool- if you like!

Moreover, by using shotcrete for construction, you can further explore the customization of your pool design. The method lets pool builders form built-in steps, in-pool seats, and variable depths that give your pool personality. Shotcrete also works well in tight radiuses so that you can control the project’s overall results better.

Concrete pools are also compatible with other swimming pool and pool deck materials — including pool tiles and pool deck flooring options. The concrete serves as a base for your pool, so it doesn’t dictate what the fixture looks like. It supports the structure to ensure your vision transforms into a fun reality.

Additionally, regardless of how you style and design your concrete pool, it will show off a classic appearance because you don’t have to think about bubbling liners or limited shape options.


Durability and Longevity are Synonymous With Concrete Pools

Concrete remains one of the most reliable materials for in-ground pool shells because of its unmatched strength and durability. It can protect the structure against regular use, heavy wear, and inclement weather. The concrete surface also grows resistant to stains and scratches, preserving its initial appearance.

Given these features, it’s clear why many automatically associate concrete pools with longevity. They are integral in the prolonged use and enjoyment of one of the biggest investments on your property. In fact, a well-made and well-maintained concrete pool can last for at least 50 years and automatically increase your property value.


Here are other factors about concrete pools that are associated with their durability:

• Concrete pools are just as strong and sturdy as fiberglass swimming pools

• Unlike vinyl liners that can easily damage your in-ground pool structure, you don’t have to worry about sharp objects damaging the backyard fixture

• If you have dogs that love spending time in the water, they can easily wade in your concrete pool and play in the water without hurting their nails


It’s worth noting that the interior finish of the in-ground swimming pool might not be as sturdy as its actual concrete foundation. For this reason, it might occasionally require retouches or refinishing.


Rising Sun Pools – Your Concrete Pool Pros in Raleigh, NC

Concrete is tough to beat, and nobody knows this better than Rising Sun Pools. As your trusted provider of concrete pool services in Raleigh, we confidently stand by the features that make this in-ground pool option so popular. It’s completely customizable, and you can rest assured that the outcome is as elegant as it is durable.

Our concrete pool projects are tailored to each customer’s specific needs. The average cost ranges from $100,000 to $200,000 and takes 12 to 20 weeks from the initial installation to product completion.Contact us today for inquiries!

Not only does Rising Sun Pools offer beautiful and timeless concrete in-ground pools, but our team ALSO offers a full line of in-ground pool maintenance, services, and products.

Reach out to us and set up a consultation to create your dream pool TODAY!