Our Top 3 Favorite In-Ground Pool Projects in 2023

Deborah Lenier’s Concrete Pool 2

Our Top 3 Favorite In-Ground Pool Projects in 2023

The Rising Sun Pools team recently held our In-Ground Top 3 contest. We took a look at our recent pool projects and highlighted THREE of our absolute favorites – one fiberglass pool, one concrete pool, and one vinyl liner pool.


After lots of internal deliberation, here are the results…


Kent Melum’s Fiberglass Pool 1 Kent Melum’s Fiberglass Pool 2

1. Kent Melum’s Fiberglass Pool


You can truly do amazing things with a fiberglass pool. For this fiberglass project, we worked closely with Kent to design a sleek pool with impressive, clean lines, a concrete patio, and an elegant – but simple – water feature. How much would you LOVE to swim in this luxurious pool around sunset? Sign me up!


Deborah Lenier’s Concrete Pool 1 Deborah Lenier’s Concrete Pool 2

2. Deborah Lenier’s Concrete Pool


Deborah and our pool designers took the limitless opportunities of concrete pools and simply ran with it…creating a truly one-of-a-kind swimming pool. We ADORE the way the travertine decking and the water color contrast against the exquisite golf course backdrop. Whether sunbathing on a hot summer day or taking a relaxing dip in the tree-shaded water, you bet this pool will be enjoyed for years to come – especially since concrete pools can last UP TO 20 YEARS!


Shirley Diefenbach’s Vinyl Pool 1 Shirley Diefenbach’s Vinyl Pool 2

3. Shirley Diefenbach’s Vinyl Pool


An exceptionally customizable process, vinyl liner pool installation allows us to take some very stylish liberties. The deep blue of Shirley’s vinyl liner against the surrounding stonework is STUNNING! And let me tell you…Shirley and our design team sure have a knack for accessorizing. Incorporating everything from a diving board and basketball hoop to a fireplace, water features, and lounge areas, this is definitely a pool oasis that will make for a fabulous summer staycation.


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