How to Choose a Concrete Pool Finish

Concrete pool finish

How to Choose a Concrete Pool Finish

When you’re designing a concrete pool, your pool finish is one of the many features you can customize to your liking. 


In this blog, we list the common types of concrete pool finishes along with the factors you should consider when making a pool finish decision.


Common Type of Concrete Pool Finishes

Below are the 4 pool finishes that are currently most popular for custom concrete pools:


Plaster Finishes – The most common type of pool finish, plaster finishes are made almost entirely of white cement, often containing a small amount of quartz or small pebbles. The white plaster gives the pool water a nice, bright blue color.


Pebble Finishes – Many pool owners choose pebble because they want a more natural look or a unique pool water color. Durable and resistant to chemicals and stains, pebble finishes are more than just aesthetic. 


Quartz Finishes – Quartz is considered a “high-end” pool finish. It’s soft and silky to the touch and glimmers in the sunlight. Plus, it is super easy to clean! 


Polished Finishes – This is for you if you love the look of pebble finishes, but the texture…not so much! With a polished pebble finish, you get both the natural look AND a pool floor that’s easy on the feet.


Making a Decision on a Pool Finish

There are 5 primary factors you should think about when picking your concrete pool finish: 


Budget – If you’re on a tight budget, a simple plaster finish may be the way to go. But if you have some wiggle room, you can consider a pebble or quartz aggregate finish that fits your unique style.


Water Color Preference – Light and bright? Dark and soothing? The kind of pool finish you choose will determine the color of your pool water, whether you want simple, classy blue, aquamarine, aqua green, or something darker.


Texture Preference – Pebble finishes create a bumpy texture that will massage the soles of your feet while plaster finishes are a bit more rough. Meanwhile, quartz and polished finishes feel smooth and silky.


Maintenance Required – How often do you want to clean your pool floor and walls? Do you want a finish that doesn’t stain or show wear from pool chemicals? Pebble and polished pebble finishes are by far the most low-maintenance of your finish options.


Lifespan – While a plaster finish is less expensive initially, it’s more susceptible to wear from pool chemicals and may need to be replaced down the road. Whereas other finishes are far more durable in the long term. 


The Rising Sun Pools Difference

When you choose Rising Sun Pools to build your concrete pool, our base standard finish comes with quartz plaster and offers six different pebble options. 


Visit our website to explore the wide variety of concrete pool finishes we have to offer!


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