Rising Sun Pools: The Top Spa Outlet in Raleigh, NC

Rising Sun Pools hot tub

Rising Sun Pools: The Top Spa Outlet in Raleigh, NC

Looking for fun ways to make your home feel more relaxing?
You can never go wrong installing a hot tub in your backyard. Take a refreshing dip in this personal hideaway during summer or warm yourself up in the bubbly waters during colder months. Plus, with unique jet configurations, the occasional dip in your luxury spa will feel therapeutic.
Our Rising Sun Pools team out here in Raleigh, NC has gained a reputation as the #1 spa outlet in the area, and we’d be thrilled to hook you up with your dream hot tub.
But what exactly makes Rising Sun Pools the top spa outlet in Raleigh, NC? And why should you trust our experts to provide valuable insights?
Not only do we offer a stunning variety of fabulous pool and spa options, but we provide our customers with comprehensive maintenance services, outdoor patio and landscaping options, and more! The Rising Sun Pools team will build your breath-taking personal oasis and maintain it for years to come.
Continue reading to learn more about how our team addresses your pool and spa needs.


Explore Hot Tub & Spa Options at Rising Sun Pools

At Rising Sun Pools, we provide a wide variety of spa options to match your personal preferences and complement your existing house facade and backyard design.


As an Authorized Coast Spas Retailer & Service Center, we offer a variety of hot tubs and spas that bring together luxury, beauty, and wellness. 
Coast Spas hot tubs are affordable, durable, and sophisticated and come in a range of sizes and styles. Perfect for hydrotherapy, Coast Spas are built with wellness top of mind. In addition to health-focused design, Coast Spas dons an unmatched Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System and Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet. 
Once you find “the one,” the next step is to customize your spa and outdoor space with top-notch accessories. From essentials like hot tub steps and covers to luxury pieces like umbrellas and spa bars, our partner – Leisure Concepts – has it all!

Get All Kinds of Services at Our Spa Outlet in Raleigh

Rising Sun Pools offers fantastic hot tub options, but that is not all!


We are also known for our well-designed, high quality in-ground, above-ground pools, and outdoor furniture, kitchens, and other amenities. 

Here is a quick look at the range of services you can book at our spa outlet in Raleigh.

Pool and spa installation

Pool renovations and upgrades

Pool maintenance and cleaning

Pool repair and preventative maintenance

Hot tub and spa installation and maintenance

Vinyl liner repair, replacement, and renovation

Pool and spa products, equipment, and accessories

Our pool maintenance and cleaning services include cleanup, vacuuming, pool filter backwashing, tile line brushing, water testing, pool repairs, and so much more. And you can schedule service appointments as often as you’d like – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one at a time.

It’s easy to build a pool or spa maintenance plan with our experts. That way, your backyard paradise will always be clean and ready for summertime fun and other water activities. Our technicians can also help you prepare your pool for the summer season and close it down safely when cooler weather inevitably arrives.

Rising Sun Pools — Top Pool & Spa Services in Raleigh, NC

Don’t look further if you need pool or spa services in Raleigh, NC. Simply schedule a consultation with the pool and spa experts at Rising Sun Pools. We’ll help you determine the best solutions for your backyard oasis.

Get in touch with us today for inquiries related to your pool or spa in and around Raleigh, NC.



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