How To Prepare for Your Hot Tub Installation

You did it! You decided to purchase a hot tub, and you’re just waiting for it to be installed. While you probably can’t wait to soak in your new personal oasis, Rising Sun Pools is here to share a few ways you can prepare for your hot tub installation. 



Being your one-stop-shop for hot tubs Raleigh means that Rising Sun Pools has all the hot tub accessories you need to deck out your new home spa. We carry all the necessities including hot tub covers, filters, and steps. Our accessories are top-quality, and our customers can be confident knowing the equipment they’re purchasing is durable and long-lasting. With a wide choice of sizes, colors, and customization options for our hot tub accessories, you are guaranteed to receive a superior product from Rising Sun Pools. 



You could be so excited about receiving your hot tub that you forget it has to have electricity. Before your hot tub is delivered, ensure you have an arrangement with an electrician to have the hot tub wired and installed correctly. 


Owner’s Manual

You’re bound to have questions about the functions of your new hot tub, so go ahead and review the owner’s manual prior to installation time. Some things are beneficial to know right from the start like your desired temperature setting and how to turn on the jets. If you can’t figure a hot tub feature out upon installation, you can always contact one of Rising Sun Pool’s knowledgeable staff members. We have been specializing in hot tubs Raleigh for over 40 years now and haven’t encountered a problem we can’t fix yet! 



When we deliver your hot tub, you should thoughtfully consider where you want it to be located. There are little things to think about like, “Do you want it centrally located in your yard to be farther away from surrounding neighbors?” If your hot tub is going to be outside, we recommend not having it directly under any trees to avoid falling debris. From a logistical perspective, you have to ensure you leave enough room around the hot tub for maintenance to be performed on it in the future. Also, remember that hot tubs generally have to be drained a few times per year, so you want it to be placed close enough to a water source to be refilled. 


Rising Sun Pools | Hot Tubs Raleigh 

As your go-to destination for hot tubs Raleigh, Rising Sun Pools offers a wide selection of tubs to create the home spa of your dreams! Once you purchase your hot tub and prepare for its installation using the tips we provided, you can take advantage of our full line of hot tub maintenance products and programs. Contact us today to work with your trusted advisor on all things hot tubs!