5 Creative Ideas For Outdoor Living Spaces

Rising Sun Pools designed poolside outdoor living space with firepit and patio furniture.

5 Creative Ideas For Outdoor Living Spaces

Many homeowners have realized the value of appealing outdoor living spaces. 


Your backyard provides a much-needed escape amid the stress and busyness of day-to-day life. It’s where you host cozy gatherings of friends and family around the firepit. It’s where you make memories with your family on warm summer days.


In this article, we list 5 things you can do to add an element of luxury to your outdoor living space.


1. Inviting Lounge Area


Create a welcoming backyard space by selecting comfortable, high-quality patio furniture. Pick a stylish outdoor sectional or select an outdoor seating set with a sofa and two matching chairs. Use rugs and throw pillows to add pops of color and style.


Don’t forget to place a couple of side tables around the seating area – giving occupants a good place to set their steaming cup of coffee or ice cold beer. 


For the perfect nighttime ambience, adorn the area with layered lighting. Combine a number of different lighting options – from candles and lanterns to string lights or a lighted pergola. Or incorporate a central fire pit or fireplace as the focal point. Not only will a fire feature give off warmth and light, but the calming nature of the flames will mesmerize your guests.


2. Cozy Dining Space


Your outdoor dining area needs to be functional AND aesthetically pleasing. 


First, select an outdoor dining table and chairs that complement the exterior of your home and any other outdoor furniture you may have. Then, create a little shade by adding an umbrella, awning, or pergola.


As with the lounge space, dining area lighting is critical. Drape string lights overhead, position torches around the eating space, or place various candles on top of the table. Or better yet, get some citronella candles – you’ll get the ambience AND ward off bugs!


3. Lots of Green


North Carolina is known for its beautiful trees, flowers, and greenery. Why not bring a little of that into your backyard?


Outline your pool or yard with hedges or holly bushes. Transplant Azalea, Magnolia, or Crepe Myrtle trees across your yard to add a pop of color come springtime. Create a rock sanctuary in one corner of your yard. Or place elegant planters on the corners or edges of your pool or lounge areas.


4. Outdoor Kitchen & Grill


Nothing makes an outdoor space feel quite like home more than tasty grilled food!


Incorporate a built-in grill, barbecue, roaster, smoker, or outdoor kitchen. Take into account both design AND functionality. 


Make sure your outdoor kitchen layout provides plenty of counter space for food preparation. Think about the natural flow of your backyard to determine the best location for your built-in grill or kitchen. Position your grill so that you can keep an eye out on the kids in the pool or maintain conversation with company.


Rising Sun Pools partners with two wonderful outdoor kitchen and grill suppliers – Primo Ceramic and Bull BBQ – who offer outdoor kitchen amenities to fit a wide range of styles and budgets.


5. Exotic Water & Fire Features


Transform your backyard into a magnificent getaway by adding luxurious water and fire features. 


Integrate a rock waterfall, water-fire wok, bubbler, sconce, or fountain into your in-ground pool design. Build a water ledge and get some sweet Ledge Lounger in-water furniture and a water table for poolside sunbathing and relaxation.


Make your outdoor oasis feel even more exotic by positioning a fireplace, firepit, tiki torches, fire wok, or other unique fire feature around the perimeter of your pool.


Rising Sun Pools – Pools & Outdoor Living in Raleigh, NC


When planning your backyard living space, remember to consider all of the Raleigh, NC seasons.


With Rising Sun Pools, you can…


  1. Take a dip in your pool during summer.
  2. Lounge by your firepit in the fall.
  3. Soak in your spa come wintertime. 
  4. And grill delicious food in your outdoor kitchen all year round!


Rising Sun Pools doesn’t ONLY custom-build fabulous in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. We also have a great selection of outdoor furniture, water and fire features, outdoor grills and kitchens, and hot tubs and spas.


We have everything you need to personalize your outdoor living space to your unique taste and needs. Browse our outdoor living options or contact our team for more information.


Or use our free pool builder tool to start imagining your ideal outdoor oasis today!



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