Swimming Pool Safety Tips

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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Enjoying your pool this summer? Be sure to dive into safety today so you can savor every moment in your aquatic haven with peace of mind.


Keep Your Pool Secure

It is imperative that your pool is secured by a fence. In fact, many municipalities require a barrier around pools.
Make sure that the fence is equipped with self-closing and self-latching gates to prevent unauthorized access, especially by children and pets. Be sure that the fence slats are close enough to prevent anyone from squeezing through.
Also, install drain covers to help avoid entrapment hazards, and get a cover for your pool when it’s not in use.


Maintain proper water chemistry

Test and adjust the chemical levels regularly to prevent bacterial growth and keep the water sanitized. Shock the pool as scheduled to kill bacteria and algae.


Safety Equipment

Always keep essential safety equipment nearby, including lifebuoys, reaching poles, and a first aid kit. Additionally, consider getting a pool alarm that alerts you when there are unexpected movements in the water.


Loop Loc Pool Covers

A great way to safeguard your pool is with a Loop Loc Pool Cover.
These covers are not just protective but also durable enough to withstand the weight of elephants!
Loop Loc covers are so highly regarded that some dealers will try to pass off their own pool covers as “Loop Loc” covers. When you order through Rising Sun Pools, you know you’re getting the real deal, as featured on the official Loop Loc website.


Establish Pool Rules

Set clear rules for pool use. No diving in shallow areas, no running on the pool deck, and no swimming alone are common rules for pool area. Also, make sure swimmers know to stay away from drains.


Supervision is a must

Children and inexperienced swimmers should never be left unsupervised near the pool. A responsible adult, who knows CPR, should be supervising whenever people are in the pool.


Teach Swimming Skills

This one may seem obvious but it’s imperative that everyone using your pool know how to swim or is being supervised by someone who does.
All children who are inexperienced swimmers should take lessons.


Stay sober

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and can lead to reckless behavior. Impaired balance and reaction times increased the risk of falls and accidents near the pool. Alcohol also can impair your ability to swim, increasing the chances of drowning accidents.
Additionally, alcohol is a diuretic and can cause dehydration, which is exacerbated by the heat and sweating in a hot tub or pool.


Sun Protection

While you’re enjoying that pool, be sure to protect your skin at the same time. Use sunscreen and wear a hat to avoid sunburns. Staying hydrated will help avoid heat-related illnesses.
By implementing these pool safety recommendations, you can enhance the security and enjoyment of your backyard paradise for yourself, your family, and your guests.


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