8 Spectacular Gifts & Accessories For Hot Tub Owners

8 Spectacular Gifts & Accessories For Hot Tub Owners

8 Spectacular Gifts & Accessories For Hot Tub Owners

Whether you are purchasing a spa for your home or are looking for a gift for a new hot tub owner in your life, there are certain accessories that you WILL NOT want to miss out on. Providing enhanced safety, luxury, and entertainment value, the 8 spa accessories listed below come highly recommended for all hot tub owners.

1) Hot Tub Cover Lift

The #1 accessory EVERY hot tub owner needs is a hot tub cover lift (sometimes called a lift assist). While some hot tub covers require users to manually slide them over the top of the spa after use, a cover lift removes that hassle – allowing users to lift and lower the cover much more easily. Cover lifts generally store the cover out of the way while you use the spa. Plus, cover lifts offer an extra level of security that manual covers simply do not provide, ensuring that your hot tub remains protected from the elements while you are away.

2) Non-Slip Hot Tub Steps

To enjoy an above-ground spa, you have got to be able to climb in and out with ease. To avoid risking injury on wet steps, it is a good idea to invest in some quality, non-slip steps. These safety steps are especially critical for children and people who face limited mobility. You can even find non-slip steps with a drawer compartment for some extra storage.

3) Spa Caddy

Feel like enjoying a nice drink or a snack while taking a relaxing soak in your hot tub? Or possibly reading a good book or magazine? A spa caddy is the ideal solution for this age-old problem facing spa owners. Attached directly to the side of the hot tub, the tray offers a convenient spot to place food, drinks, reading materials, phones, eyewear, and more!

4) Hot Tub Bar

Slightly larger than a spa caddy, a smart bar provides even more spa-side space for food, drinks, and other personal items. In fact, our Leisure Concepts partner offers a SmartBar that also includes a drawer – the perfect place to store hot tub chemicals, a spare towel, you name it!

5) Hot Tub Safety Railing

In addition to non-slip steps, a safety railing can provide some extra assistance to young children and people with limited mobility who want to use the hot tub. Simple to install to the side of a hot tub, a railing can help prevent falls and other injuries while climbing in and out of the spa. Plus, it serves as a good makeshift towel rack!

6) Hot Tub Towel Bar

Taking a soak in a luxury spa should be relaxing – from start to finish. Unfortunately, the very act of LEAVING the hot tub is the most dreaded part. It becomes a challenge… just how quickly can you slip out of the water and rush over to your towel? A towel bar (or rack) eliminates this unnecessary urgency. Just grab your towel from the side of the tub and start drying off before you’ve even completely left the water. Trust me…your guests will thank you!

7) Hot Tub Smart Deck

For the best spa experience, even the area around the hot tub matters. A smart deck is a simple way to establish a smooth, level surface underneath and around a hot tub. A smart alternative to a wood deck or cement, a smart deck also brings a clean, elegant appearance to the spa area.

8) Spa Umbrella

Nobody can truly enjoy a nice soak while squinting into the bright sunlight. For hot tubs installed in open areas, a spa umbrella can provide some much-needed shade. A spa umbrella will not only protect hot tub users from harmful sun rays, but it will also help provide protection against any debris – like leaves or tree branches – keeping the spa clean and grime-free.

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